Divinity and Discrimination: Social Bias in Divinity: Original Sin II’s Prison Environment

OnlySP writes: "Fantasy settings often provide rich fruit for discussion of discrimination and intolerance... Divinity: Original Sin II follows this well-worn trend, introducing a group of characters who are outcast even among outcasts and using this doubly-discriminated-against status to explore how social structures and abuse of power can contribute to community bias."

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EatCrow327d ago

Not really.
The player is in control of the outcomes and what happens to the different party members.Mostly.
If anything it proves that anyone can be an outcast of society and the people in charge of determining who these outcasts are are always the ones with the most power to influence. In real life...the media and news outlets.

They affect societal perception more then everyone else.

As someone told me. Donald Trump was in the media way before running for President and he was never labeled a racist. It is not until he started running that he suddenly became a "racist"

And throughout my entire childhood in the US there had not been any claims of superiority, privelage, racism, etc until just recently with the media eating it up.
Racism is illegal. Discrimination based on opinions is illegal. That's the end of it.

rdgneoz3327d ago

"As someone told me. Donald Trump was in the media way before running for President and he was never labeled a racist. It is not until he started running that he suddenly became a "racist""

No, when he says there are good people in the KKK and neo-nazis and is supported by grand wizards, then you might have to say he's racist. People never cared about him before because he was a rich nut job. Now he's a rich nut job that's suppose to be representing the US. And when you mock the handicapped, brag about grabbing women by the puss, saying you walk into dressing rooms while young girls 1/3 of your age are dressing, fight with grieving parents, insult people based on their looks, constantly have to say your hands are big (even in Texas when he was putting on gloves when making food or such, he said the gloves were too small...), picks fights over the size of a crowd, constantly lie ("Mexico will pay for the wall" later on, "I'll shut down the government if the senate doesn't give me money for the wall..."), have twitter fights like a 10 year old (including fights with other countries who are developing nukes and threaten to use them on US / our territories), tell a foreign government to hack his opponents servers to find emails, have your son meet with foreign agents to find damning evidence against your opponents, fire a guy who's investigating you, ...

Yah, now he's a racist sociopathic treasonous nut job (who lost the popular vote) who's representing US on a world scale. As for "any claims of superiority, privilege, racism, etc until just recently", if you live in an all white neighborhood out in the suburbs or rural areas, then you'll never see that stuff. Live in the city / more diverse areas and have friends who aren't just white (I'm white as hell, and my friends come from all around the world), and you'll most likely see that stuff.

Also, Racism isn't technically illegal at all. Just look at the KK and Neo-Nazis (if racism was illegal, they'd all be locked up). They spout all that crap and as long as they don't attack anyone or refuse service to or employment at the businesses they may own or work at or what not, it's all fine.

EatCrow327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

I lived in a most definitely not all white neighborhood. Normal people dont care about race, color, background, etc. But normal people are also not blind to facts and statistics.

Also neo nazism is a bunch of bullcrap. Doesn't exist.
But I'll correct myself.
Acts of Racism are illegal. Heresay and accusations have no grounds unless backed by facts/proof.

About Donald Duck...what makes him a racist sociopathic and treasonous nut jub...lots of accusations there. Any proof? Has he deported black american citizens because theyre black? Has he reinstituted slavery? Has he shared governement secrets with other countries? Has he been convicted of crimes against the country? Has he forged his birth ceritificate? What has he done? Again im asking for facts backed up. Not opinions or heresay/delusions.

Gh05t327d ago (Edited 327d ago )

If this teaches you anything it should teach you that regardless of your background there are discriminatory biases (whether that is based on teaching or experience), accepting that NONE of them are okay generalizations regardless of "power" or "societal" norms is the first step to coming together as ONE to overcome any adversity.

Otherwise all you do is replace one group at the top with another who has the SAME issues but towards different groups.

So in this example what if any of the characters used the party, overthrew the current system and then said okay well since I still believe I am better than not only the old leaders but most my party and now that I am the leader we rule my way. Now the discrimination, and social bias has just changed... its not GONE, It didn't solve the problem.