Was the PlayStation TGS Conference a Bust?

The PSP hosts Joseph and Ren, stay up late and give their caffeinated take on The PlayStation TGS Conference. From the perspective a hardecore JRPG fan that is Ren, and Joseph who more in tune with Western style of games. Can this conference live up to the wild expectations of PlayStation fans? Did it give something for gamers of all genres something to get excited for?

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DevilOgreFish87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

no FFVII remake. not even a picture. the time was perfect for it. 20 years in the making. i guess next year for some footage or pictures. No Death Stranding either.

UCForce87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

About Death Stranding, Kojima said he need to focus on developing it. So there was no time to show.

Obscure_Observer87d ago

Can´t say i´ll be surprised if Death Stranding and FFVII turn out to be PS5 games.

Genkins87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

If Death Stranding doesn't get a date by next year then it was a ps5 game in disguised. same for the remake. the early announcement was probably done for hardware pushing.

Nyxus87d ago

Death Stranding may be further in development than people realize: http://www.metalgearinforme... It is currently in playable form.

Sony probably saved some of the big stuff for PSX as well.

UltraNova87d ago

"Was the PlayStation TGS Conference supposed to be E3 2.0?"


There fixed and answered!

_-EDMIX-_87d ago

@obscure-I actually think that's extremely doubtful if you actually consider both games are being made in the middle of a generation on existing Hardware you have to understand we're getting maybe four years into these systems and we probably have another two or even possibly three years to go.

You also have to understand that both of these games are extremely expensive developments they're not going to waste a huge install base on such an expensive game

You also have to understand that both games are using existing engines...

This is not like we're Gureilla Games had to make an engine for Horizon zero Dawn in 2011...

I mean statistically if anything I would not doubt the games being remastered or ported to PlayStation 5 as statistically that is very likely.

But I see these games firmly coming to Playstation 4.

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BLizardXD87d ago

Without a doubt death stranding will be 4 years in development. if you do the math there's no way it will launch within it's first E3 gameplay debut. usually they're spaced a year apart; E3 gameplay first, next year launch. so that's 4 years total. 4 years minimal for the FFVII remake too.

UltraNova87d ago

Let the man do his thing, we know he'll deliver...and its not as if we have new game shortages...

bouzebbal87d ago

PSX is the best moment for that, not TGS.

_-EDMIX-_87d ago

They might be saving some of those for PlayStation experience or even E3 2018.

FinalFantasyFanatic86d ago

I'm not surprised FFVII didn't show up, because Square-Enix.

PressXtoBacon85d ago

yeah, there was definitely a lot missing.

I was also really holding out for a Bloodborne 2 announcement, but that's also because I'm an incurable optimist

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WePlayDirty87d ago

I thought the Playstation TGS was really good. Codevein and Kni Kno Kuni 2 are the games I’m most excited for out of the game shown... I wouldn’t mind trying out Earth Defence Force 5.

UltraNova87d ago

Codevein...I m torn on this it dark souls evolved? Is it something that looks like its DS but it isnt...I want to be excited but I m not. Need more info..

GameBoyColor87d ago

After looking at it it looks like a slightly watered down reskinned dark souls kinda like lords of the fallen. Though you can make a waifu follower so hell, day one.

UltraNova87d ago

Damn...what he/she ^^ said! If it has DS dna and its by From Soft, Day one.

Eiyuuou86d ago

It's not by From Software

UltraNova86d ago


I know its from Shift. Still, I meant what i said.

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_-EDMIX-_87d ago

That Gundam game was incredible and I was really surprised to see Zone Of Enders and don't get me started on that all star cast for Left Alive! Armored Core director, Metal Gear Solid character artist. CRAZY!

Monster Hunter also had an incredible showing. I'll have to look up info for Codevein though.

rainslacker86d ago

Same here. The FFIX announcement and quick release was a nice surprise too. Plan on starting it this weekend.:)

VersusDMC87d ago

Not in the same league as a psx or e3 press conference. But still had surprise announcements. ZoE2, left alive, fist of North Star, monster hunter. And was better than the last Nintendo direct. So bust is kinda a strong word to use.

GameBoyColor87d ago

I enjoyed the direct more. Though zoe was a shocker but konami doesn't deserve my money anymore.

_-EDMIX-_87d ago

I don't really know how to even compare it considering we have yet to see PlayStation experience this year but I thought they knocked it out of the park this year there were so many announcements and surprises.

DivineAssault 87d ago

It was underwhelming but theres some good stuff coming regardless

shuvam0986d ago

It's like a compromise between whether we want better reveals at conferences or whether we want reveals closer to their release...
Sony was criticized for announcing dates early after E3 2016 after which they dialed back on the announcements...
I still want to see more of WiLD...

AspiringProGenji87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

It was alright!
Keep the Japanese goodness coming Sony!

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