What is the Perfect RPG for Beginners?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "RPG’s are one of our favorite genres of games here at Link-Cable. At any given time it seems that someone on the staff is working their way through a large, epic adventure filled with monsters to slay, quests to complete and numbers to crunch. And while we’re all fans of games that don’t necessarily hold our hands it is admittedly difficult to get someone who has never played a role-playing title to get into the genre, what will all the different mechanics to learn and rules to follow. So to serve as a bit of a guide to those new to RPGs we’ve decided to show off our choices for the best games to ease someone into the genre!"

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UltraNova368d ago

Hehe, only of its going to be there 1st and last one.

Fist4achin368d ago

I thought the elder scroll series might be a good rpg to cut your teeth on.

porkChop368d ago

They're a bit more accessible, but the worlds and sidequests are easy to get lost in. I could see RPG first-timers becoming overwhelmed.

The perfect beginner's RPG would need to be simple, accessible, and focused. WePlayDirty is on the right track with something like Child of Light.

WePlayDirty368d ago

I think Child of Light (Ubisoft game).. is the perfect place to start.

nitus10368d ago

Actually, I do agree with Child of Light since it is a turn-based RPG which has a fairly smooth ramp up in difficulty.

My first NES RPG was Faxanadu which was an action RPG. My next RPG or should I say Action /Adventure was the first NES Zelda followed by Zelda 2 which actually was an RPG. I would have difficulty recommending these "old" games to a newbie.

The Souls series and Bloodborne are definitely not for the beginner although I was surprised when my 8-year-old niece played Dark Souls for the first time and got to Firelink Shrine without dying once.

I think before you can recommend any RPG you should know what the person you are making the recommendation for will like. Foisting your preferences my be appreciated and then again it may not be.

Tapani368d ago

Wasteland 2! It'll teach 'em, I tell ya!

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