Cross Platform Can Only Make Games as Services Better

Ever since Minecraft announced on E3, that it would allow cross platform play between PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile Devices. Gamers on both side of the consoles have been clamoring for Cross Play between PS4 and XBox One. With Fortnite, accidently allowing cross play between PS4 and Xbox One, reports from devs talking about how easy the process is, and the openness of Microsoft. It seems like the best time to unite the consoles, but whats holding cross platform play back?

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guywazeldatatt364d ago

This is the only area where Xbox beats PS4. There is NO EXCUSE! You'll even be able to cross play between the switch and xbone!!!!

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Apocalypse Shadow364d ago

Maybe Sony should do cross play. It's not like they're dominating in the amount of games, awarded games, exclusive games, console sales, amount of players, innovative devices like VR or anything like that./s

With cross play, then they really can take the lead./s

freshslicepizza364d ago

Weird contradiction you put forward, arguing before how it could potentially lose sales while now once again overselling the system based on exclusives and VR. I guess you will just about say anything to argue why Sony is right in their decisions.

Berenwulf364d ago

No there is no excuse but Microsoft would do exactly the same in Sony's position. They are dominating the market it's a business decision. MS and Sony are corporations and they want to earn money in the first place. People seem to forget that.

Silly gameAr364d ago

You're trying to hard. BTW pretty sure there will be cross-play between Switch and PS4. Why is MS out of the equation? Maybe you people should ask MS why that is. I mean, can you guys not see? Sony is open to crossplay with everyone EXCEPT MS. Are your eyes closed, or are you guys just ignoring that fact so you can use it for more ammo to attack Sony?

UltraNova364d ago

Nice try. They wont budge. I mean they came to believe that old games and 3r party support are the only things that matter, while exclusives are a myth(well except for when they actually do get one and flip flop like pancakes; see PUGB threads) you really expect them to see why Sony would not do Crossplay with MS?

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guywazeldatatt364d ago

Also, imagine crossplay destiny!

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wonderfulmonkeyman364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

*Looks at article header*
Pfft. Right, try telling that to the stuck-up Sony fanbase who think they're too good for crossplay with any competitor other than PC, and who protest it even in the few cases that they do crossplay with Switch.
It's because of that attitude that I don't associate with most of them, and I play quite frequently on my PS3 and, soon, my PS4.

porkChop364d ago

They don't want cross play because Sony is against it. Last gen they were all for it when Sony was open to cross play with Xbox. They care more about being loyal to a brand than they do about progressing the industry. It's sad, really. Cross play only stands to benefit gamers, yet so many are blindly against it just because of which brand is pushing it.

Silly gameAr364d ago

I remember not caring then, and not really caring now. No one was up in arms last gen about MS telling Sony to F off, this gen, there's been one opinion piece after another talking about this. Was it about progressing the industry when MS said no the first time? You guys make me laugh with your dramatic bull.

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Eidolon364d ago

It's Microsoft's fault. Sony support cross-platform play, but MS is really stubborn with official support.

Eidolon363d ago

Well for one, we've established that it's possible without an Xbox Live account, but Microsoft still wants the Playstation users to create one, and probably a lot of other intrusive things.

porkChop363d ago

The XBL account is only for Minecraft. It isn't required for any other cross play game. And requiring an XBL account makes sense since everything is running on XBL servers. I get it's not ideal to require an XBL account, I agree, but it is what it is.

But that's still only for the one game. MS is supporting multiple other games with Cross Play, but Sony refuses to support any of them. So how can you say the problem lies with Microsoft? It clearly doesn't.

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