Get this Game of Thrones UK PS4 Dynamic Theme for free right now

Prepare for winter with this Game of Thrones PS4 theme that you can download for free right now.

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OB1Biker578d ago

No sounds, no tune. A bit lame.
My fav ATM is still Far Cry 5 with its nice chill tune

Christopher577d ago

Dark Souls 3 is a nice one. There's another, but I am away and can't check the name of it, but has an animated character running across a bridge with very nicely but but not annoying music.

OB1Biker577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

I think I know which you mean. My daughter likes it. There also Paragon, Rez, ninja bots, van helsing, ancient amulator, pacman, odd world and even wonder woman which r cool and all with their own sound, music. May a few dark soul theme bc the one I tried got no tune. I'm hoping for an awesome Star wars theme but I reckon it's going to be meh as usual

Miss_Vixen577d ago

You should the Undertale theme. It's got a really nice retro look and the soundtrack accompanying it is very soothing. :)

link2Dpast577d ago

Those are some sweet themes thanks. I remember PS3 having some great ones, I personally loved the retro bed room with Sega Genesis playing on a tv, not sure if you've seen that one, was fire