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Pure PlayStation: Hidden Dragon Legend is a lesson in blandness. It doesn't stand out from other side scrolling platformers and and falls well below mediocrity. The game's only positives are the small amounts of fun within the gameplay and environmental design. Everything else will remind you what subpar means in video games. Literally. Everything. Else. This game wants to be a practice in timing and skill when it will be more of a practice in patience.

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Rangerman1208370d ago

When will Oasis Games ever learn? Just why do they always localized the worst chinse games? I have a feeling Light Tracer might fail as well. I guess Icey is, as of now, the only good Chinese PS4 game.

Rangerman1208368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

And what's funny is that Icey WASN'T published by Oasis Games. I think is time that Sony should let someone else publish Chinese games, because Oasis games is definitely not one of them. I don't care if there's like, 10 people defending them.

Oh, and I also forgot that there's also Knights of Valour (exclusive in Europe as of now) which is a pretty decent beat em up. Seriously, this just shows that there ARE good chinese PS4 games. The problem is that Oasis Games is too blind too know which game is good, and they seem to always pick the game that's either 1) incredibly short (Koi and Dying Reborn), 2) a barely functional gameplay (stiff animations in Hidden Dragon Legend), or 3) subpar voice acting (Weeping Doll).