9 Reasons Final Fantasy IX Is Totally Worth Your Time

Twinfinite Writes: Final Fantasy IX has finally made its way onto PlayStation 4, and if you haven't already played it now's the time to jump on board.

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coffeemaster368d ago

Gosh I need to play this again

368d ago
PhoenixUp368d ago

I wouldn't call FFIX a lighthearted story. Despite the art style, colourful settings and generally whimsical first disc, this game is rife with dark themes & events that make it a top contender for most depressing game in the series. The villains commit genocide with varying levels of success (the lowest level being "about half"), almost every kingdom you go to is either invaded, destroyed, or both, an entire planet is destroyed (and the other was pretty much its life support), the characters experience existential angst that makes Cloud Strife look absolutely normal in comparison.

eyeDEVOUR368d ago

The number 1 reason is it was the last GREAT ff game that was made.

pietro1212368d ago

Nah. While FFIX is one of the best titles FFX was a good game, say what you will about X-2 but it had the best version of the ATB battle system in a FF title. FFXI was a great MMO despite it being really difficult even with being ina party, FFXII was amazing aside from Vaan and Penelo. FFXIV is a wonderful return to form for the franchise even though it's a mmo. On a side FFXIII is trash!

Relientk77368d ago

This game is nothing short of a masterpiece

Kramerica13367d ago

Second-favorite FF game. Been so long since I played it.