Car games are the new “Can it run Crysis”

When it comes to measuring hardware power, all Porsches look the same (that is, they all look good).

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theXtReMe1454d ago

Im confused... so much so, I had to read the article three times to make sure it wasnt me. The article starts off about how Crysis was the measuring stick of the PC market and how last generation consoles managed to get it out and looking good on far less powerful hardware, then leaps to driving games and how you cant tell the difference from one running on any PC or console. All looking exactly the same, except for may e a few more effects

Erik7357454d ago

The new star citizen and kingdom come deliverance looks to be the next "can it run crysis. thing imo

Xenophon_York453d ago

Car Games Have Always Been the "Can It Run Crisis?" (Fixed that title for ya'.)

kewlrats453d ago

As the writer of the piece, I approve of your rewrite :)

kneon453d ago

Car games tend to look better than most other games because there is a lot less going on.

Cars are largely static objects, apart from the wheels, nothing really moves, you're just calculating lighting, shadows and reflections. Typically you can't really interact with the environment and you're restricted to a narrow path (the track) through the environment. That means that they know how close you can get to various elements and so many parts of the environment never need to be modelled or rendered at high quality.

Once you need to start rendering living things like people and animals, and have few restrictions on where the player can be in the world, then things start to get more difficult.

windblowsagain453d ago

Forza dosen't look anything special tbh, lighting still looks wrong, just like PC2.

Car games have never been the Can it run Crysis.

CoryHG453d ago

Yeah it's not. Racing games are easier to render.

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