Are Fighting Games Worth Buying On Release Date Anymore?

Screen Critics Robert asks if it's better to wait before diving in for fighting games these days.

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PhoenixUp370d ago

Only if you're a hardcore fan


As much as I love fighting games it's hard to justify spending full pop on them. I don't enjoy playing online matches as much as I do with people in the same room as me. Unfortunately it's so rare that I get to play with real people

SickSinceSix370d ago

There's usually a version including all the dlc within 12 months of their release for the same price as the base game's cost at launch. Unless you're a diehard fan of the series it's probably better to wait.

Matrix6370d ago

Not a diehard fighter, so I'm still waiting on a complete version of SFV with a campaign.

Tetsujin370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

I stopped buying (fighting) games where DLC, Season Passes, and/or planned content is already discussed even before release. Tekken 7 (for Evo purposes) was my last purchase, and I do want Dragon Ball Fighter Z; however if there's talk of some sort of "extras" that cost money, I'll pass. I learned my lesson with Street Fighter 4 and 5 with "day one" purchasing.