Amazon UK Has The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Back In Stock Now

ThisGenGaming says "In the UK and missed out on the inital pre-orders for Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition? Well there's a second wave of pre-orders that went live just now, but it's not known how long it will stay back in stock for."

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Cy331d ago

I wonder how many of these are gonna end up getting canceled?

Cy331d ago

Because when unannounced, unexpected pre-orders open up, especially on non-US retail sites, it has a decent chance of being a mistake.

Eonjay330d ago

The advertisement clearly said, hurry limited supply. They aren't supposed to be back. That was the point of jumping on it. This should be the standard. But that is just me believing Microsoft... my bad.

lxeasy330d ago

Hate to give you news you don't want to read Cy, but it will most likely sellout.

Cy330d ago

*rolls eyes* I already have a Scorpio Edition pre-ordered and the X1 is my primary gaming system. But tell me more about how I want the X1X to do poorly. My comment was based mostly on the fiasco surrounding the SNES Classic pre-orders and how many of those got canceled or went up too early. Since that was the last limited edition console to be put up for pre-order, and since this seemed like a very random "oh hey that super limited console that sold out is suddenly up for pre order again but only at this one retailer", I drew parallels.

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sd11330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Preorders are also reopening in Australia at EB games on the 21st. They have probably just increased production volumes.

Matrix6330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

They're for launch day units, which incidentally won't be Scorpio Editions.

sd11330d ago

@Matrix6. That makes sense. My scorpio edition is preordered so i only saw the advert.

Trekster_Gamer330d ago

I wonder why your comment has any validity or if it just comes from being a PlayStation fan boy?

This console is going to sell like hotcakes true 4K gaming as opposed to PS4 Pro wanna 4K gaming.

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2pacalypsenow331d ago

Luckily I have mine pre ordered at GS, hopefully I can get it release day.

2pacalypsenow330d ago

I've heard of them taking more pre orders than they can fulfill

Genuine-User330d ago

Wake up early on the day of release and reserve local stock for pickup.

Black0ut330d ago

What Genuine said. Always worth trying no matter how much they say they're out of stock. Theres always the chance of a few units here and there 🤞

corroios331d ago

One year later there will be still limited scorpio edition

XbladeTeddy331d ago

Even though they've all sold out and are only for launch day? Cool story bro!

thekhurg330d ago

So was the day one edition of OG xbone. It was "sold out" too but available new on Amazon over a year after launch.

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Kingthrash360330d ago

I worked at tArgent at the time....saw day ones months after launch

RosweeSon330d ago

All sold out... you did see the article your commenting on right... in stock Now! May not actually be now but it was back in stock so they've all sold out? No they being drip fed. Artificial demand I believe ya'll conspiracy theorists call it 😉✌🏻

ocelot07330d ago

I got a day one Xbox One console 6-7 months after release which came with Forza 5 code and a controller that said Day one 2013 on it and a code for a day one achievement (sold that).

XbladeTeddy330d ago

Don't think some of you are getting that this edition is a limited edition period. Launch editions are usually around a lot longer but this is limited and uses it's old codename not the official name.

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