Spencer Expects PUBG To Be Very Big on Xbox for Many Years; Says He's Incredibly Happy for Bluehole

Head of Xbox division Phil Spencer expects PUBG to be "very big" on Xbox for many years, enjoying a similar success to Minecraft on console, and he's "incredibly happy" for Bluehole.

He also talked about upcoming backward compatibility additions and more.

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codelyoko368d ago

As a fan of TERA, I can't wait to see what Bluehole can do with all this money with their next MMORPG.

ULTp0ltergeist368d ago

I think there is a whole lot to PUBG than what's currently available in the game. So much potential for different modes they can design.

Ashby_JC368d ago

The game has sold a ridiculous 10 million and ONE map, Early access and I would say a small amount of weapons and vehicles. Its very addictive.

XBOX players are in for a treat especially if PUBG releases with M and KB support.

UltraNova368d ago

The potential is there. But they need to move fast before people move on or a bettdr more diverse and complete game comes and steals their thunder.

The need more maps, more modes, more weapons, vehicles, armour and quirky unigue items like the pan!

I mean imagine PUGB on a Moon space station map with low gravity and verticality!

Variation and swift adaptability is king ladies.

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THC CELL368d ago

Pugb won't be around for long as there always something up and coming.

Halo was still my biggest game and even that dead cod slowly dying and rainbow making a come back

Look at rocket league a big game there too

Alexious368d ago

That doesn't mean something can't stay big for a very long time. Call of Duty was big for ten years or so, same goes for World of Warcraft. Now League of Legends and Dota 2 have been huge for many years and aren't slowing down at all.

GamingCentaur368d ago

CODis stilll big. #1 Console Game every year.

morganfell368d ago

"CODis stilll big. #1 Console Game every year."

Your own remark counters you, in particular the words Every Year.

KaiPow368d ago

It's proven there's definitely a mainstream market for Battle royale games. Even if not just the PUBG line, Bluehole could easily Branch out and diversify that new genre.

tee_bag242368d ago

Stop acting like BattleRoyal has been an established genre for ages or something. If you have proof... best share a link.

Bladesfist368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

@tee_bag242 He called it a new genre in his comment and yes it has existed for a while on PC. Player Unknown's battlegrounds was a natural evolution (mod) of DayZ (2012). Player Unknown's DayZ Battlegrounds came out in 2013 as the first pure battlegrounds game/mod without zombies in it. H1Z1 came out in 2015 and then games like The division, GTA 5, PUBG and more came out more recently either as full battlegrounds games or with battlegrounds modes.

I've personally been with it from 2012. I even wrote a blog post here when I first tried DayZ in the early days of the mod, before it officially released. All of these games, despite how buggy or incomplete they have been have sold a ton of copies. Even excluding the non pure battlegrounds games, PUBG and H171 have sold 11.5M and 7M respectively on PC alone. ( and

tee_bag242368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

What's your point? That there's planetary cycles?
Ahh forget it.. Your name tells me all I need to know

slate91368d ago

Pubg will be around for a very long time. They sold 10 mill off of one map. LOL

ravinash368d ago

Plus the fact that more maps are coming and they will be encouraging modding, should give it some long legs.

roadkillers368d ago

Okay... Best selling games of all time:

Tetris - 1984 debut and still sells millions to this day
Minecraft - 2011 and is still selling incredibly
GTA5 - Series debut pre 2000's
Super Mario Bros - Yeah
Call of Duty - Still sells 10+ million each year about 15 years after debut
Doom - Still Successful
Elder Scrolls - Still successful
Halo - Halo 5 was the fastest selling xbox one exclusive...
Rocket League - A indie game that no one even blinked at, ended up in the hands of 6+ million people.

Ashby_JC368d ago

@The Cell

Time well tell.

But look at it like this....the game is what 5-6 months old. Still incomplete (Early Access).

One Map!!, Limited Weapons, Limited vehicles.....and more I cant think of lol.

The new vaulting mechanic is going to change up how the game is played VASTLY!!!

When they added FPP it changed up how the game is played.

So as far as it wont be around....that is very very unlikely to happen. Its going to sell a HUGE amount on XBOX. And as they add more maps, guns etc etc. The game has huge legs.

Any other dev trying to put out a BR type game is going have a hard time getting people OFF of PUBG as its cementing itself as the BR game you have to play.

10 million and counting!!

There was 1.3 million people playing on Steam this week!!

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odderz368d ago

Oh it's gonna be big, absolutely no doubt. This is possibly the biggest console exclusive they have right now next to Halo.

Cmv38368d ago

Only they haven't made the exclusivity terms clear.

PFFT368d ago

They havent BUT last i heard PUBG will be using a Water tech that belongs to MS. So more than likely you wont be seeing PUBG on the Ps4.

368d ago
Ashby_JC368d ago


People are really not liking that PUBG is hitting XBOX one first. If MS was smart they would add Mouse and Key Board support asap!!!! Before the game releases!!!

The game is very addictive and many dont have or dont want a PC. So if they want this game...which a shit load do. They will get it on XBOX. I feel that this game will be a system seller.

Many on here will say but its coming to PS4!! Will who wants to wait for up to a year or so for that to happen when they could be playing it NOW....THIS year?

OB1Biker368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I find the game intriguing being PS gamer only but people obviously try to make a big deal of its timed console exclusivity. It's not like it's tomb raider or else in term of impact. I don't think so. More like rocket league which was time console exclusive too. And even so Rocket League launched as a ps+ game while this has been on PC for a while

equal_youth368d ago

Why wait for the "beast" when i can play it right now on?

UltraNova368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I thought exclusives did not matter on xbox....

AuToFiRE368d ago

I don't think exclusive means what you think it means.

Automatic79368d ago

Can't wait to see what the hype is about. Xbox One X title day one.

PFFT368d ago

Same here! I cant wait!

AuToFiRE368d ago

I am in the top 20,000 best players on PUBG, don't bother getting it on a console, get it on PC

ONESHOTV2368d ago

that includes both consoles yeah?