If the Switch Gets an Achievement System, It Better be Meaningful

— Nintendo Enthusiast:

I really don’t care about ‘Achievements’, to be honest. In my eyes, they’re just virtual badges which only value is that it gives whoever earns them some bragging rights. With that said, the news that broke a few days ago that Nintendo is allegedly developing an achievement system for Switch didn’t move me in the slightest. But, I decided to give the topic some thought and eventually came to this conclusion: If achievements really are added to the Switch, they better be worth something truly meaningful.

How about earning Achievements allows players to actually gain real rewards?

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PhoenixUp306d ago

Even if Nintendo implements a Trophy/Achievement system, they're never going to program it to where consumers can get a digital discount if they earn enough of them.

That'd be just bad business on their part.

SuperRaccoon306d ago

Not only that, but Nintendo already killed Club Nintendo, which was the best loyalty program offered by any of the big three. Why would anyone think that they would now offer rewards for achievements? If they add them, they will probably tie the system into some sort of community--at best, that's it.

Summons75306d ago

Meaningful? Achievements aren't even meaningful on PS4 or XBO. Really hope Nintendo doesn't add them because they are just a waste.

Wakkamole306d ago

There´s one and only one layer to Achievements. BRAGGING. That´s what they are for. Getting competitive about them. Having more of them than your friends. And if managed correctly, they can be fun to unlock, giving you an incentive to go back to a game and complete those, for the only and unique purpose of bragging about it and letting people know you are more skilled, dedicated or even luckier than the rest. Trophies are that, Xbox Achievements are that and Steam achievements are the same. If Nintendo goes that route, it could be good and fun, and there won´t be a deeper layer or worthiness to that. You don´t like them? You don´t brag or show off your achievements? Fine. Having them wouldn't hurt.

Supernintendo85305d ago

As a gamer who tries to get everything out of a game I really enjoy, an achievement/trophy system would be wonderful, especially as a huge Nintendo fan. I could imagine some of those achievements for games like the original Super Mario Bros. It just adds something more to a game you may have beaten and gives you another goal/ reason to play. Idk, it does appeal to me.