Halo is coming to Nintendo Switch... in Minecraft

Halo will finally land on a Nintendo platform - in the shape of the Microsoft franchise's Minecraft mash-up pack.

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PhoenixUp303d ago

Mario & Master Chief in the same game together?

Mr Pumblechook302d ago

If Microsoft have another generation where sales have as much velocity as XBO's, then there would be a very real prospect of the actual Halo game going multi-platform.

Cyro302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

I know a lot of people here suck a certain company 24/7 but the Xbox One is selling well enough to make a successor.

timotim302d ago

Halo has pretty much always been multiplatform since the beginning and will continue to be now that Microsoft releases there games on the Windows Store as well. Nice try though...

Obscure_Observer302d ago


The way MS and Nintendo partnership is goin with crossplay, i would say a Samus cameo on the next Halo or a Master Chief cameo on the next Metroid Prime is more feasible. ;)

timotim302d ago

This is pretty cool! I love the approach Microsoft is taking lately with what they're doing on other platforms (cross-play, steam, Nintendo), I want to see more of this.

meganick302d ago

It would actually be wise for Microsoft to support the Switch in limited ways due to the system's portable nature. Halo Master Chief Collection with online play and cross play with Xbox would be a good thing to release on Switch, or other older games.

porkChop302d ago

I've always kinda thought about that. Microsoft wouldn't release a handheld, but they could release games on a Nintendo handheld if they wanted to tap into that market. I believe they've done it before with the DS.

timotim302d ago

I could see that only if it used Xbox Live on switch. No way it would work with Nintendo's set up. And then theres storage space...we are talking A LOT of room off one's SD card.