iOS 11 releases for iPhones and iPads today, but it's bad news for video games

The difficulty of preserving mobile video games means that tens of thousands of them are about to be lost forever.

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lnfiniteLoop60d ago

quite a few games got killed off from running on iOS 10.x, its not just a iOS 11 problem...

BrianOBlivion60d ago

Apple has a long history of doing this.
I was a big fan of their computers and owned several during the 1990's and 2000's, but the changeover from OS9.2 to OSX wiped out most of my game collection into obsolescence, except the few that ran well in "classic" mode.
When they did it to me yet again with the switch from PowerPC architecture to Intel, I said f*ck it and abandoned the apple pc, said my goodbyes to OSX and just started building my own windows based computers.
Haven't really looked back since, although I do still miss the brilliant OSX environment.

letsa_go57d ago

You can always build a hackintosh if you want to experience OSX again!

BrianOBlivion57d ago

Wow, for all my savvy, I didn't even know that hurdle had been (sort of) crossed.

I wish they would just release the OS as a stand-alone product, since outside of the design aesthetic, there really is no real difference in the hardware anymore... but why would they when they're getting away with charging twice as much for it.

Thank you for the heads-up.

letsa_go59d ago

I like how flappy bird was their example of a game they wanted to preserve. Fucking casuals.

Toadsanime57d ago

Oh no, not at all, I'm worried about thousands of niche games. The Mirror is a mainstream outlet though, so it was the best example to use to prove the point to its casual audience, haha.

chris23559d ago

and? who wants to play a 2 year old game on a mobile platform anyway? there are tons of game released every freaking day. when older games can't be run anymore i move to the next better one *shrugs*

The_KELRaTH59d ago

I'm just not upgrading yet. Got too many paid games I still enjoy going back too so will just wait to see if there's compatibility patches.