Monster Hunter World's PS4 Pro "Rathalos Edition" Looks Beautiful in Official Images

The limited edition PS4 Pro "Rathalos Edition" looks really beautiful, portraying one of Monster Hunter World's most fearsome monsters.

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Neonridr333d ago

finally a custom PS4 Pro. Sad it's only in Japan. That controller looks awesome though.

naruga333d ago on og PS4 and i would instantly buy this beauty ....bring it in Europe damn Sony

FITgamer333d ago

Japan always gets the best custom consoles.

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TFJWM333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

@niko04 I was thinking that but you are getting the Japanese version of the game as well

zekk332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

@niko04 there is probably customs fees and such as well. Might not be too much but it would be an added cost

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itBourne333d ago

You can still get one, its not region locked. You will just have to get used to X and O being swapped when using the menu system.

rainslacker332d ago

If you set the default language to english it will still keep the western layout. Basically you'd be using the US OS, and updating from that. Plus you can assign buttons at a system level now either way.

Kikutaro333d ago

don't worry,you guys will get it as well.Sony decided to bring that model to Japan asap to have a holiday console to go against Mario Odyssey and Splatoon special switches

EatCrow332d ago

Actually really like the look of this one,.

Definitely not like the others that look like simple stickers slapped on.

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DivineAssault 333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Nice.. Japan gets all the good stuff.. Im not buying another pro either way but this looks cool.. MH has been in nintendo land for vaction but is coming home soon.. Without a numbered sequel for some reason

Neonridr333d ago

vacation? LOL. Pretty sure Nintendo made a boatload of money for Capcom. If you think that suddenly Nintendo won't be getting Monster Hunter titles you are sorely mistaken.

DivineAssault 333d ago

Im sure they made plenty but now it can have current gen treatment and a bigger audience.. I bought 3 & 4.. This is a whole different level though

Neonridr332d ago

@DivineAssault - you are going to be surprised when you see that Japan is the largest market for this game. And PS4 only has 5 million consoles there.

Lime123332d ago

DQXI including digital sold over 1,5 million on 5 million PS4's.

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TheColbertinator333d ago

A new MH for 3DS was just released last year. Keep up.

333d ago
Neonridr332d ago

@Venom - Monster Hunter X. New game. Keep up.

WePlayDirty333d ago

Damn.. THIS looks amazing. I’d say one of the best custom PS4 skins.

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