Turn 10 Studios details Forza Motorsport 7’s 4K graphics

Microsoft figures we all have a race car driver in us, and so it is fitting that Forza Motorsport 7 is the flagship title for the Xbox One X, Windows 10, and Xbox One gaming machines this fall. The game represents the high-end of racing graphics on Microsoft's platforms and features more than 700 cars and 30 racing environments.

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Fishy Fingers334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Nothing technical in the article other than reaffirming the same basic details they’ve divulged many, many times (4K 60fps HDR) already. The new driver animation system sounds interesting though as well does the driver customisation, albeit silly on some cases but welcomed nonetheless (master chief etc).

Bigpappy334d ago

Yeah. I wanted to learn more details about the level of textures used and effect we can expect. But it would be nice to still have some surprises that give that wow factor when you sit to actually play the game.

This is actually the only car racing game on console at this fidelity and solid 60fps.

s3arch334d ago

NO NO mate, Driveclub did this first and still ****s all over it

mark_parch334d ago

@s3arch You are joking, right?

s3arch334d ago

Claiming it is the ONLY racing game on console that does a typical retarded Eggbox fanboy saying...get educated

Unreal01334d ago

Project Cars 2 looks a whole lot better for me.

XMarkstheSpot334d ago

How could Driveclub be first if its never even hit 60fps? I bet Forza 7 would look super sexy if it was only 30fps

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mark_parch334d ago

the character customisation looked great and then they have to go one step too far and add silly costumes just like in killer instinct when they started adding silly customisation, I wouldn't mind but they just look bad and take away from what is otherwise an outstanding looking game

timotim334d ago

I like that they can have a bit of fun with it. I think it fits with there goal of making a racing game that has something for everyone. Not everyone that plays this game is going to be super hardcore, kids and girls will be playing it too...with over 300 racing suits, why not have some fun with some of them...

mark_parch333d ago

fair point, I just think things like that would be more at home in horizon and not motorsport