Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS for PS4 and PC Gets First 4K Screenshots and English Trailer

Konami and Cygames unveil the first 4K screenshots of Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS for PS4 and PC, alongside the first trailer in English.

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GearSkiN246d ago

wish they re work the graphics

NiteX246d ago

I don't, I love how it looks.

fr0sty246d ago

I don't care what it looks or plays like. I cannot support this company,

pyroxxx246d ago

This was the best thing of TGS,.. ZOE is so good!!!

_-EDMIX-_246d ago

When I was watching Sony's Tokyo game show press event my jaw literally touched the ground when I saw this trailer!!!

I was like "YEEEEES"!

Day 1. I've now going to officially own three versions of this game lol I think the only other game that I could really say that about is Tekken 5.

pyroxxx246d ago

I liked Monster Hunter World,.. but ZOE,.. damn this is so good,..

_-EDMIX-_245d ago

@pyro-absolutely agreed Monster Hunter World easily game of the show right now they gave a pretty good trailer, worldwide simultaneous release is also incredible! I would say the biggest surprises thus far were Zone Of Enders remaster and Left Alive new IP by Square Enix with Just a All Star Development team

kevinsheeks246d ago

As much as I love this game(mecha games period) I can't mess with the company, he wanted to do a sequel to this game but they wouldn't let him. .instead remake upon remake . .cash grab whores

_-EDMIX-_246d ago


I never let how I feel about a company's business effect what I personally play as a gamer, I find it immature and just completely irrelevant to the Hobby. I mean put it this way I could criticize Capcom Nintendo Microsoft and a whole bunch of Publishers all day everyday but if they make a game that's fun I'm going to buy it

The second you start making decisions to not buy games because of something that has nothing to actually really do with games you stop becoming a gamer.

Keep in mind that this was not a instead of or either or type of situation because the team that is remastering this game was never going to make Zone Of Enders 3 with the same budget that simply just doesn't make any sense I mean that's as slow as saying that Star Wars Episode 4 being restored for blu-ray stopped The Next Star Wars movie from happening as if what you're talking about is the same thing 😂😂😂

Also what remake are you talking about? This game is being remastered I mean I don't even know Konami has even done that many remakes... I don't like how they treated Kojima as that as one of my favorite directors of all time I don't like that they cancelled Silent Hills and Zone Of Enders 3 along with altering all the story stuff in the Metal Gear Solid games to keep snakes character alive but at the end of the day I'm still a gamer if they remake Zone Of Enders 2 like a full-on remake not this remaster I would buy it I'm still buying the remaster because I'm still a gamer.

Me not liking Konami is completely separate from what I buy as a gamer. Put it this way if you're only buying games based on how companies treat their employees you're going to have an extremely short list of Developers to buy from

Tapani246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

So, if the company you give your money to violates human rights, destroy the environment, create conflicts and overall causes grief to everyone else but you, the supporter, you would be just fine supporting it?

Have you every heard about voting with your wallet? It's not a trend, it is a reality in today's business world. The Apples and Googles get caught very fast for these kinds of things and people will sell their stock due to bad image at the very least temporarily until they fix these problems. Nobody wants to support bad companies with bad policies, except for people who don't really think things through or have questionable morals by nature.

_-EDMIX-_246d ago

@Tap-but you could say many companies actually do this. That's an entirely different topic to because it'll actually take real legislation and policy making to handle that situation versus a couple people not buying something especially when you consider that some of these top corporations could already have their hands and owning the media anyway

The point I'm simply making is you're talking about a video game company not something like Lockheed Martin or Halliburton or black water lol

I mean that's exaggerating this to just an almost laughable level. This is a video game.

If I'm someone on this site that could criticize Nintendo as much as you guys know I do and still have no problem actually purchasing there games that I like I would assume some of you guys could do the same. How I feel about a company's business practices and their products most times are completely separate.

I don't buy games based on morals , I do based on fun.

ecchiless246d ago

The intro music was awesome, ZOE was great but ZOE 2 was epic, nice to see this coming back, shame is not ZOE 3.

BassMan125246d ago

Why not MGS IV remaster for PS4 and PC :(

Summons75246d ago

How about MGS 2-4 + Peace Walker. Unfortunately, MGS1 would be left out.

BlaqMagiq1245d ago

MGS4 was amazing. Favorite MGS to this day. Hopefully it gets the remaster it deserves.

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