Hands On With Forza 7's Highly Competitive Career Mode (TSA)

TSA writes: "Hot on the heels of Gamescom, we had another chance to play Microsoft’s premier racing game on Xbox One X and PC, this time getting a more in depth and slightly less hurried look at the game. So close to the full release of the game, Turn 10 let us loose on an effectively final version of the game, to explore and play as we saw fit for 30-odd minutes."

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crazychris4124298d ago

This is stuff from the demo, title suggests they played a bigger portion of the career mode outside the demo. Doubt I'll get the game since Im burned out from sim racers but if they nailed down the career mode which were lackluster in the last couple games then I would change my mind. Also nice that it has cross play between Xbox and PC, been having a blast these last couple weeks with friends on Xbox in Horizon 3.

timotim298d ago

You my friend are proof that Microsoft is own the right path with Motorsport and Horizon. I know gamers that fall into both camps... some cant stand the less excited nature the sim racing of Motorsport, while other cant stand Horizon because its too arcade. Happy they cover both so well with these series as I get them every year because I love both haha. I agree with you though... I really hope the career mode is as good as advertised, its where ill be spending most of my time. I feel its where Turn10 could use the most improvement and I hope they deliver on it. Its good to know that they put more focus on it this year though while other racers have completely gotten rid of it and instead focused solely on online play.

Cant wait for this bad boy though, it looks very deep and involving.

crazychris4124298d ago

I definitely lean towards arcade games but I do enjoy sim racers if done very well. I played the crap out of Forza 3 back in the day.