Call of Duty WWII's Story Trailer In Tokyo Game Show 2017: Activision Changed The Swastika Logo

Activision changed the swastika symbol in their Tokyo Game Show 2017 Story reveal of Call of Duty WWII.

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OoglyBoogly426d ago (Edited 426d ago )

I think the whole thing is, quite frankly, stupid.

We know they're Nazi's. We've been killing virtual Nazi's with the Swastika symbol all over the place for decades now.

Why is this an issue now? I mean, really, this has got to be one of the most pussy things I've ever seen from the gaming industry. We're not going to have freaking Swastika's in a game about Nazi'

Wait...considering that America has killed millions and there are surely MANY people that have issues with the USA are they now going to censor the American flag because it "might" offend some? Like, what's the difference? Because we're often considered the "good guys"? I mean, offense is offense, right? We don't want to hurt people's feelings...

_-EDMIX-_426d ago

I absolutely agree I believe when somebody is making a game about something that's already happened in history I want the game to be unapologetically historically accurate even if it's going to offend in shock because of my personal opinion that is the most honest thing you can do about history is tell it unapologetically.

It's why as even an African-American male I enjoyed what they did with Mafia 3 even with the multiple uses of the n-word I liked what it was displaying because it was accurately trying to show and convey a specific time period. Clearly they won't go as gruesome and historically accurate as I would like but I respect any developer that is willing to go there to show their artistic expression.

That's like saying there's a movie and they're not going to show what happened in the concentration camps as to not offend, well I would argue that more offensive because it's trying to trivialize and sugarcoat the atrocities done.

I say they should let the swastika stay in the game and I hope that this is only for the Japanese version. I understand that Japan is a completely different culture and they may not be okay with that especially considering the damage that was done from the atomic bombs so I would say if they do that for Japan I think it's appropriate but I personally don't want the US version hiding those type of things.