Final Fantasy IX is Now Available in the PlayStation Store on PS4

Experience one of the timeless classics in the Final Fantasy series with Zidane, Garnet, Vivi and more.

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FallenAngel1984364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Wtf hold up! I appreciate that this is currently $16.79 for the time being, but apparently after Sept 26 this game will be sold for $20.99 on PSN!

As much as I love FFIX and will rebuy this game right now anyway that's a lot of bull, especially since FFVII HD costed $15.99 when it was rereleased on PS4.

Square Enix sure does love reselling their classic games at a premium price. Just look at how Star Ocean 3 is also $21 on PS4 & the Secret of Mana remake will be $40.

ShadowNextGen364d ago

Yep. I just went ahead and bought it now because at the sale price it is only 80 cents more than Final Fantasy VII.

FallenAngel1984364d ago

Yeah but if FFIX HD naturally costed $15.99 like FFVII HD did when it was first rereleased on PS4, then it too would've been offered at the same discounted price of $10.87 in its first week on PSN.

MaxiPower90364d ago

one hours wage... 2 if your on a lesser wage. hardly a high price

2pacalypsenow364d ago


For some is around 30 minutes of work, compared to the hours of entertainment. It's a bargain.

Or if you already have the original PS1 game play that one.

FarEastOrient363d ago

Complaining about the price, how much are you paying for a movie ticket? $16 for a 50 hour plus game.

FallenAngel1984364d ago

Make no mistake, I can easily rebuy the game no problem.

I just don't see why FFIX HD is more expensive than FFVII HD or why Square Enix likes to overcharge for some their other classic titles getting rereleased.

MaxiPower90363d ago

it has more work done to it. its really pretty, i have it on ipad and steam. il buy it anywhere im a real whore lol

FallenAngel1984363d ago

Just curious what improvements does FFIX HD have over FFVII HD besides autosaving?

Also you dirty dirty FFIX whore.🤣

I may have bought KH2 every time it was released across three platforms with no shame, but that's different 😏

ShadowWolf712363d ago

Lots more work. All background enhancement/restoration had to be redone as most of the original BG art bit the dust back in the day. Hence why, even though improved, the BG's aren't AS HD as the character models.

Sam Fisher363d ago

Well i bought 9 on ios 15$ so i understand your situation

Nu363d ago

I buy pizza for $15 and it's gone within minutes. FF 9 will give you over 40 hours of play time.

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chris235364d ago

is this one of these unaltered ps2 "ports" that uses some kind of backward emulation? if yes, i'll avoid it like the plague.

ShadowNextGen364d ago

I am pretty sure it is basically the Steam version. It has a platinum too for those who care about that.

Snookies12363d ago

Nope, it's the remastered version PC and mobile got. Reworked models for characters/enemies, updated menus and UI, etc.

-Foxtrot364d ago

God knows what the price is going to be like in the UK

ocelot07364d ago

It's currently £13.59 for PS+ subscribers and £16.99 for none PS+ subscribers.

MunchMiller00364d ago

Gotta love that entertainment business. Make one product, profit off of it for the rest of time. lol Only a moron will buy this, or any game for that matter, a second time.

G20WLY364d ago

So, buyin' it?

BlaqMagiq1363d ago

Then I'll gladly be a moron. I don't feel like having to keep playing an inferior version of a game on worse hardware. If that's what you wanna do more power to you.

shammgod363d ago

Damn, you sucked the fun right out of this announcement.

ShadowNextGen363d ago

There is nothing moronic with enjoying a game and wanting to keep playing it. Playing this game on a PS4 is going to be the best option for a lot of people.

Sirk7x363d ago

You've never wanted to read a book again, or go back to your favorite movie? What if a person loved the game and no longer has a PS1 and a copy, or doesn't want to play it on Android? Should they just emulate and steal a rom? Easy as it is to do, it's still illegal.

ShadowWolf712363d ago

Or, you know, people who loved the game.

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Fist4achin363d ago

I hope they will do a physical release of FFIX.

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