Forza Motorsport 7 Xbox One X hands-on: No lack of depth | finder

Finder has taken Microsoft’s shiny new racer for a test drive to see where it places on the genre’s crowded grid.

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freshslicepizza333d ago

They suggest its a bit arcadey but I want to try it out myself.

Fishy Fingers333d ago

Demo at the end of the month (PC and XB) so we’ll get to give it a try before committing either way.

Personally, I could do with something a little less crushing than PC2 but understand the purists want their sim to be just that, a sim.

steveo123456333d ago

You get more satisfaction after mastering the more sim like games, just my point of view. Forzas always been good with the assists though

timotim333d ago

The demo is out RIGHT NOW haha.

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XStation4pio_Pro333d ago

if you play the game with a controller it gives you a controller handicap, even if you have all the assists off etc. the only way to get around that is to play with a feedback wheel. not sure if that was the case here but i know it to be true.

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timotim333d ago

That's good to know, not that there was any doubt to begin with though.

Rude-ro333d ago

So is this game not coming to Xbox one?
Sure as heck are not marveling at anything but 4k with this game.

timotim333d ago

Demo is out TODAY for Xbox One😉

michellelynn0976333d ago

Looks very good, but I wonder if it will sell X-Box One X systems?


Its not meant to sell xbox one systems. The X is a mid gen refresh, not a new gaming generation.

michellelynn0976332d ago

Well, tell that to Microsoft. They are treating this like a new one. Sheesh

FlyShootRaceSims333d ago

I just finished the demo and I can say that the physics handling is superb. I can almost feel the weight transfer of the car in the Dubai track. The graphics is also very good.
The only thing that irritated me from the demo is the truck racing. Those things were so wide that they almost take up the width of the track and it was really hard to overtake especially in higher difficulty.