Dragon's Crown Pro Officially Announced for PlayStation 4

Hardcore Gamer: "During Sony’s TGS 2017 press conference today, it was finally announced that Dragon’s Crown is officially coming to PlayStation 4. The game was rumored for the last week, but now it’s official. It will feature cross-play with PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3 and contain the same absolutely beautiful art style we’ve come to love."

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DigitalRaptor369d ago

So it's cross-compatible with PS3/Vita. Vanillaware make such amazing games. Can't wait to revisit this.

FallenAngel1984369d ago

I got the PS3 version of Dragon's Crown because it supposedly had cross-buy when the Vita version was given away for free on PS+

corroios368d ago

This on japan is a system seller.

TomatoDragon367d ago

This game is amazing. All of vanillaware's games are.