New Shadow of the Colossus Trailer Released at TGS 2017

During the 2017 PlayStation Press Conference at Tokyo Game Show this morning, Sony showed a new trailer for Shadow of the Colossus.

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DarkOcelet275d ago

The game looks stunning!

Day 1 for sure.

275d ago
freshslicepizza275d ago

I'm not going to lie, the opening on this game trailer looked stunning. They are doing a great job on it.

egidem274d ago

I remember playing this game for the very first time. The unique experience and it's sheer beauty cannot be explained in words. After beating it, I spent weeks just thinking about it...

I am super excited for this!!!

SilverDemon275d ago

this game is simply PERFECTION

Gardenia275d ago

It's so good it can bring tears to my eyes

Paytaa275d ago

Such a unique all time classic. Definitely picking this up since the graphics look so good. Need to get around to The Last Guardian as well. I need like a month off of work for my backlog!

Nyxus275d ago

Looking forward to this!

Apocalypse Shadow275d ago (Edited 275d ago )

Looks great. Hope they do ICO as well.

Speaking of remakes, zone of the enders 2 in VR just announced. I'm hyped and upset at Konami at the same time with them doing this without Kojima.
But o yeah! Jehuti and Anubis

Cryptcuzz275d ago

Holy damn, really? I freaken love zone of enders!
Going to get both that and SotC day 1.

Felsager275d ago

^So Shadows of the Colossus and Zones of the Enders 2?

As this a dream? Is it?

*Jaw drops*

freshslicepizza274d ago (Edited 274d ago )

SoTC looks great but you should have given the proper Zone of the Enders trailer,

The one that doesn't try and make it look like it's PSVR exclusive.

FallenAngel1984275d ago

This is an epic remake. I've never seen Bluepoint handle a title as ambitious as this before

sizeofyou275d ago

Didn't they do all the Uncharteds? That's no mean feat!

_-EDMIX-_275d ago

But what Blue point games did for the Uncharted collection was simply a revision or a remaster they did not actually remake the entire games like they are doing with Shadow of the Colossus.

I mean to actually remake three games with such a small team would be absolutely massive and I wouldn't say impossible but it would never release or be made in about 6 months to a year

a remake and a remaster are two completely different things.

I mean bluepoint games is not even making this on their own they're also getting assistance from Japan Studio

FallenAngel1984274d ago

@ size

But those were remasters which take less effort than a remake which has to be built from the ground up.

sizeofyou274d ago

Fair enough to all above.
Point is - Sony entrusted a fairly iconic series to them and they did a near faultless job. Deserve the chance of the remake (...I's learning)!
Cheers peoples for correcting my misreading...

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The story is too old to be commented.