Forza 7's 50GB day one update is optional for disc users

Forza 7's massive 95GB install size is split between disc and an optional 50GB download...and Xbox One X owners will have to download even more data.

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WePlayDirty331d ago

Wtf... the amount of memory for this game is insane.

3-4-5331d ago

high quality textures do that.

4k is the reason why.

Black0ut331d ago

Exactly this. Its only gonna get bigger too 😃

indyman7777330d ago

Back when Meter gear solid was coming out for PS3 xbox owners where saying it was exaggerated to force people into thinking they needed a game machine with a blu ray player. NOW all the sudden it is legit?! Are you saying a full game like that Metal gear solid does not need that much storage but a racing game does?

Neonridr331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

dem 4K assets and textures :P

snake-OO331d ago

You obviously didn't read the article . The 50 gig update is just for X1, the X1X will have additional big update.

Black0ut331d ago

My Australian internet just had a stroke.... wtf 😂

Neonridr330d ago

? It was a joke. I was merely referencing the idea that these enhancements come with an extra burden. Game sizes may get huge with the XB1X.

gamer7804331d ago

going to need a 4+ TB external hdd with the x1x

MrFisher21331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

I have 6tb on my pro with 4 tb used up. Also own over 300 paid games on the ps4. Lol

331d ago
PhoenixUp331d ago

Microsoft first party titles sure do take up a lot of data

Lexreborn2331d ago

Halo 5 was 96gbs
Quantum Break 128gbs
Yeah their first party titles are huge

timotim331d ago

Already pre-ordered the digital Ultimate Edition, but I needs all my content...every car, livery, race suit... all of it.

The_Jackel331d ago

so why not include 2 disc's?? :/ i know it says optional, but if someone wants it they shouldn't have to DL 50gb :/
all 2nd disc needs to be is an install disc and then left in the case.

Godmars290331d ago

Because this is the DDL, soon to be DMC, era.

shaggy2303330d ago

@The Jackel

"so why not include 2 disc's?? "

Because the ability for the Xbox One to have multiple discs has only just recently been enabled, more than likely too late for Forza 7 to take advantage.

The_Jackel330d ago

True it would have been nice to not dl 50gb straight off the bat for it. I have unlimited downloads and fast net so doesnt affect me im just thinking of the others that have crappy net that want to take advantage of the console straight away. Although ill get this on PC due to the steering wheel being a ps4 and pc compatible just be nice for those i mentioned above

indyman7777330d ago

Don't get mad at me but. They do it the same reason other publishers do it. Because it saves them money, it cost money(granted only a little) for them to put it on another disc. This has ALWAYS been the reason you have day one updates.

Pass the cost of the storage on to the consumer. I don't like it but that is the reason to do it.

The_Jackel330d ago

why would someone get mad at you for that?
It's all well and good to save on the money side of things but it benefits the dev also to spend that extra money to do it also. It makes a consumer that doesn't buy digital for many reasons feel like they are being looked after in a sense of huge files. i don't expect them to release dlc on a disc when its 10gb though as that is wasting resources and money
I personally wouldn't compare this to a day one update though, as they tend to vary from 500mb-4gb this is a hell of a lot bigger and without the right net a 4gb dl alone may take you an hour+ to dl just imagine how long it would take for 50gb. its more about a person that wants to take full advantage of the new console they spent $500 on ASAP.

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