Why Doom And Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Coming To Nintendo Switch Is A Major Deal

Two third party announcements came last week with both Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus on the Nintendo Switch, and these were huge for Nintendo.

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PhoenixUp246d ago

Is it even more of a big deal when various AAA third party games were announced and released for Wii U?

Or even when GameCube got more supported by third party publishers than its predecessor?

wonderfulmonkeyman246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Both of those examples had issues the Switch isn't suffering from that held them back from becoming as popular as the Switch is becoming, so yes, I'd say it is a bigger deal for the Switch.

Especially since the company in question, Bethesda, effectively ignored Nintendo for over a decade before this point.
Them suddenly going all-in with three big games shortly after the system's launch, after so many years of silence and ignoring the Nintendo fanbase, should be taken as a sign to third parties that there's something here worth investing in.

NewMonday246d ago (Edited 246d ago )


also this shows how easy, low cost and low risk it is to port 3rd party games to the Switch, if it had weird architecture like previews Nintendo platforms 3rd party would shun it again.

I'm gonna buy the Switch for my kids then "confiscate" it after a few days so they can focus on school.

Nyxus246d ago

The Gamecube did have an advantage over the Switch though, it was an equally powerful console compared to its competitors. The Wii U had that advantage as well, but only for a short while until the PS4 and Xbox One arrived.

sk8ofmnd246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

No it has other issues...

1. Memory
2. Missing launch dates
3. Inferior online mp
4. "Switch Tax"

These all will negatively impact AAA 3rd partys and only 1 of these nintendo could fix if they didnt want to be so greedy... I wonder which that is hmm... The other 3 are out of nintendos hands

_-EDMIX-_246d ago

I understand those other systems may have had issues but at the end of the day it's not as if the switch has 100% address them all

They've even created new problems in regards to the media format at the end of the day this system is still lesser than the other Platforms in clearly is receiving less support because of that. And many people have made good examples on the GameCube especially considering it was more powerful than PlayStation 2 at the time but clearly had a lesser media format the way I'm seeing it if it's not one problem it's the other in the switch is still facing issues that are resulting in it getting less content.

I'm still not understanding why you are blatantly trying to ignore the series that came to the Wii U that is not coming to the switch. I mean you make a good point about Bethesda focusing on the switch and being a publisher that never did before but why are you also trying to ignore that developers that actually did support the system that certain series are not now?

Like I said if you're going to bring up it being a big deal that a publisher is supporting a system with a series they didn't before why are you also not trying to talk about series that used to be on the system that are not now? Being Assassin's Creed Deus Ex Mass Effect Call of Duty amongst a laundry list of others that basically stopped appearing. Those Publishers supported the Wii U with those series and they're not supporting the switch with those Series so please stop trying to make it sound as if all of the stuff happening is simply just an addition to more content

it's actually negative because they're losing content.

I mean you're talking about the addition of some Publishers making games on the switch yes but you cannot ignore the Publishers that decided to stop making games or certain series on that platform.

Neonridr246d ago

@EDMIX - so we've moved on from Capcom, Bethesda and Rockstar. Who are we targeting now that hasn't released anything on Switch? Call of Duty? Keep moving those chains man.. it makes it so much more enjoyable when another big title gets announced and proves you wrong again..

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_-EDMIX-_246d ago

That's exactly how I see this at the end of the day I would argue that the wii U third-party support when it first released was a bigger deal if you consider many of those franchises that came out for the Wii U are not even coming out for the switch yet are releasing on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

I'm honestly not understanding why people are trying to ignore that.

Neonridr246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

a bunch of shoddy ports at launch hardly stands out for the Wii U. The fact that the Switch lacked 3rd party support but instead is garnering it is showing that devs are waking up and paying attention to the Switch. Capcom, Bethesda, Ubisoft, SEGA, Rockstar.. we will only see more as time goes on. It was the exact opposite with the Wii U.

_-EDMIX-_246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

That's sweet but once again why are you ignoring the developers that started to take series away from this platform compared to what they released on the Wii U? You could not keep talking about what they started to do while also ignoring what they are starting to miss.

Like I said why are you not talking about series that they are starting to miss?

Where is Mass Effect Deus Ex Call of Duty Assassin's Creed like you saw last generation?

Or do you conveniently not want to talk about that?

And I have no clue what you're talking about in terms of moving chains at the end of the day you keep trying to ignore and disregard a large long list of titles that have actually stopped coming to these systems compared to what came out on the Wii U I mean many people have actually made it very clear that the Wii U even launched with more series that the switch is conveniently missing.

This is looking exactly like what we saw from the Wii and even less than the Wii U. I have no clue how anybody could try to spin it as a positive thing that less big franchises are coming to the system compared to the Wii U.

I mean developers are waking up to the switch by not releasing certain series that they released for the Wii U? 🤔🤔🤔 Huh?

I mean you could try to spin it that way but it just doesn't make any sense there's literally a very very very long list of games not coming to this system ,series that actually came to the Wii U. I mean you can't really be serious in trying to brag about what's coming to the system but desperately tried to pretend it's not a big deal about titles that are not coming to the system it just doesn't make much sense. So it's this huge deal when games come to the system but it's not a big deal when they're losing content?

Benjaminkno246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Umm.. Bethesda is rolling out 3 titles less than a year after the Switch launch. Obviously they see potential. Sure they're old games, but they've never worked with Nintendo, and having these games on the go is a completely different ballgame.
I can see people waiting to get the portable Wolfenstein over the prettier home console version. I'm sure Nintendo would enjoy the momentum.

If all their titles do well, and there's really no reason to think that they won't, I don't see how they don't bring Fallout 4. And that would be beyond epic.

I'd like to see GTAV on Switch, even though I'm not a big fan.

Lockdown555246d ago

Correction: Two of them are old games. One is their newest game that is not even out yet.

Benjaminkno245d ago

Well, when wolfenstein 2 does come out, it'll still technically be an older game.

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leeeroythe3rd246d ago

The sales of skyrim and doom will be trash on switch. Wolf 2 may do ok as a new release but visual quality will slow people adopting switch as 3rd party choice for this type game... i could care less about portable 1st person or technically challenging games. Switch controls are not as precise as i like to enjoy such games

Neonridr246d ago

?? how are the switch controls any less than the PS4 or XB1? You do realize you have several controller options right? Please tell me you actually know what a Switch looks like at least.

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