Could Fortnite's Cross Platform "Slip-up" Change Sony's Mind?

Now that players are aware Cross Platform is not only possible and even ready for many games, will the pressure be on for Sony to allow it sooner rather than later?

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PhoenixUp62d ago

Sony already allows cross play with Dragon Quest X across Wii U, PC, PS4, & NS, so it's not totally against the idea as a whole

trumpwonstopcrying62d ago

They won't cross play with microsoft. They stand to gain nothing from it and may only lose some market share.

Bigpappy62d ago

why would they lose market share?

moldybread61d ago

"why would they lose market share?"

Nobody can explain that one, they just like throwing that in there to try and give Sony more reasons why. Meanwhile the Switch is the hottest item but Playstation fans seem to think thats a far better scenario than playing with Xbox users. See how bad the blood is between the two camps?

trumpwonstopcrying61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

They would lose market share because a huge selling point for many consoles is because "my friends have it and we want to play online together." Say 10 friends are buying consoles. 4 already own ps4 and the other 6 buy ps4 to play with them but really wanted xbox one. They cave in and buy the ps4 to play with their friends. Now with crossplay the xbox one would have sold 6 potential consoles that it wouldn't have sold without crossplay.

ZeroX987661d ago (Edited 61d ago )

it's the gaming crowd which only buys Assassing creed, destiny, Battlefield, EA Sports games and other popular shooters. THOSE are the ones who doesn't care which hardware they play on. As long they can play with their friends and have great hardware for the price, be it Xbox or playstation doesn't change a thing.

BUT, when most of your friends AND the competitive crowd is being pushed as PS4 being the main platform to play on, surely lots of those gamers will choose the PS4 over the Xbox One. Now if you remove this barrier, then maybe some of them will get an Xbox One instead. Why specifically get a PS4 when an Xbox one does practically the same job at a lower price? Exclusives won't bring that kind of crowd to the PS4, they don't play much games unless it's a big and popular title.

STILL, I would prefer having cross play between consoles, but from a business point I understand why they're blocking Xbox/Playstation crossplay. So yes, they would lose some market share.

subtenko61d ago

@Bigpappy Because you need an Xbox account

Let everyone sign into there own network without dong something sneaky or shady in the background like using the sign ups to double your own account numbers.

MegamanXXX61d ago

"With the PlayStation 4 being the top selling console worldwide, with over 60 million sold, it is no surprise to see Sony holding off pulling the switch, as at this point it would help Microsoft far more than it would help them."

You're right

darthv7261d ago

your theory of people not picking up one console over the other sounds legit but i have to ask... do people not have more than one for such things? We are 4 years into this gen and prices have come down considerably to the point where nobody should be a single system gamer these days.

Personally, i have never been a single system gamer since all the way back to the 2600, colecovision days. I enjoy gaming to much to be limited to a single system. The argument of it being to expensive to support is old hat now with systems as low as $200 (and going lower this holiday). When you support gaming as a whole, you broaden your reach with things to play that you would previously never have thought to try.

Cross-platform play opens the possibilities of breathing new life into games that maybe arent being played as much on one platform but could be thriving on another. MS was a fool for passing on the olive branch that Sony extended and now Sony is being just as stubborn to the idea they were initially interested in.

Will we ever see Master Chief and Kratos shaking hands like we saw Sonic and Mario.....?

rainslacker61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Wouldn't that be true with any device or platform they did cross play with though? Why would MS be special, and why would they lose market share to only MS?

I can't see how loss of market share to Xbox is somehow more of a concern than a loss of fan base to PC...particularly since MS is leveraging PC and XBox to be a single service. Even Sony said they consider the PC more of a threat to their market share than any other device....yet they still allow cross play with long as the games that implement it comply to Sony's standards.

Maybe consider there is much more going on that is preventing it with MS, up to and including that MS has policies which Sony can't agree with for whatever reason.

Just because MS is trying to make Sony look bad in this doesn't completely rule them out as being just as big of a problem in all this, because MS will have it's own policies that they'll want Sony to agree with just like Sony will have for MS.

I'm really starting to wonder just how important cross play is. I went and looked up games that offer it among various platforms, and overall, the vast majority of MP games don't even use it, despite having versions of the game on systems which can support cross play with one another. Those games still sell, people still play them if they're popular. Cross play doesn't really seem to be that big of a factor in the sales of a game, or how long it's viable play time with enough people playing to easily find a match tends to last.

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PhoenixUp61d ago

How would crossplay cause them to lose market share?

moldybread61d ago

Nobody knows, just like nobody knows why Sony gave a security risk reason while they are open to the PC and apparently the Switch.

The_Sage61d ago

Read the post a few above this one from, trumpwonstopcrying. He explains it.

rainslacker61d ago


Sony gave a security risk as a reason for not allowing it? Then how come you keep saying that it's just Sony being dicks, and saying Ive been wrong since all this "controversy" started?

Sony said they can't moderate another network. That is a security issue in the way security is defined in IT.

MS said the exact same thing last gen. They just left out the family friendly slant.

Funny, I recall early on me saying that it was a security thing and that Sony couldn't moderate other networks they have no control over to be a deal stopper. Remember how you said I was wrong up until....well I'm sure you'll still say that if you reply to this comment.

It's good to see you coming around to reason though if I'm wrong about assuming you have finally come around to see what I've been saying for over a year now.. Since you now acknowledge that you understand network at least a cursory way, maybe you can actually be more reasonable.

Oh, and the reason Sony doesn't seem to be against it with Switch or PC is probably because they've resolved the security issues by working with Nintendo and provide the PC API to make an API to enable it where it'll comply with Sony's compliance standards. If they aren't doing that with MS it's either because they aren't trying, MS isn't trying, or they are/were both trying, but there are things which aren't going over well on a policy level, or they simply haven't finished working it out yet.

moldybread61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

"Sony gave a security risk as a reason for not allowing it? Then how come you keep saying that it's just Sony being dicks, and saying Ive been wrong since all this "controversy" started?"

I'm not saying it's a security risk, Sony is. Which is totally baffling since they seem to be ok with the most open platform around, the PC. Microsoft has the most restrictive service according to the people at Rocket League. So for Sony to accuse Microsoft of being a risk to their users when asked is just deflection. They are being asses about it all and developers want answers. Sony won't even give them that. The people from Rocket League already got the hard work done, they can get it going now if Sony says OK. They won't. In fact they won't even tell those from Rocket League who worked with them from the beginning what the problem is. Now Epic is playing right into Sony's hands because they have 2 games out and both have exclusive deals with Sony. You think they want to speak out against Sony?

That's the thing, Sony has the leverage and they are using it. Most developers don't want to burn their bridges so they won't push it. But we have enough information out there now to know Sony simply doesn't want to allow Playstation and Xbox gamers to mix together and every party that has been aksed that will say somethign says it's Sony. Editors have said the same thing, Jim Ryan from Sony also said they won't. Meanwhile Phil Spencer is all for it. He's been very open and is giving actual feedback. Meanwhile Sony says NOTHING. Is that respectful to their consumers? Is that respectful to the game developers who would like to see it happen? Sony wants to ignore the subject while you and all its other fans run around trying to explain this and that and give hypotheticals. It's ridiculous.

You need to stop speaking for Sony, they already gave their lame answer long ago and we already have enough information from game developers that it's Sony who is blocking it. I'm sorry you can't handle Sony being targeted but they are from people who deal with them. I don't care about your opinion, you mean nothing to me or anyone else on the subject. My opinion also doesn't matter. I will on the other hand read off of what Sony has said and what developers who work with Sony/Microsoft have said and it ain't giving Sony the benefit. So why are you?

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OB1Biker61d ago

I think there are still many obstacles and its not just on Sony the pressure should be on .
Sony, Ms and the big publishers need all to make progress towards seamless crossplay from xbl or psn independently.

Servbot4161d ago

Everybody has... except Sony.

rainslacker61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I think people need to stop assuming they know the reason, and start asking what the hold up is. And this needs to be directed at both console makers. Not just Sony.

Trying to make arguments based on 3rd party devs who have no clue why they can't implement it due to not being given a reason, and then having them as proof that one party is in the wrong is not really helping matters.

but I also think this can't be done independently. That's not going to happen with two networks being integrated in some way. Control needs to happen, and both console makers have to maintain control of their networks based on their own policies. Publishers can easily implement solutions, but the console makers themselves have to provide the console API's for those publishers to use to ensure the security of the console's network.

OB1Biker60d ago

Yes. With -'independently' I just mean you don't have to log in the other network like xblive and it's doesn't change the user's habits in any way.

bobsmith62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

i hope dlc splitting up online bad enough but if it was crossplay would help more populated lobbies faster searching for matches for like bf1 idk how destiny 2 exclusive mp map would work though only show up if every1 matched was ps4

Servbot4161d ago

Cross-play = Online multiplayer games hold their value longer = Less used game sales
I can't understand why Sony is against this. Not allowing it inherently makes purchasing a multiplayer online game a better deal on Xbox One or PC.

Septic61d ago

I hope the pressure keeps mounting on Sony and it finally does the right thing. We're seeing unprecedented levels of cross play titles and the barrier between all platforms could finally be removed if Sony truly was acting 'for the players'.

Let's see...

Apocalypse Shadow61d ago

I hope the pressure keeps mounting on Microsoft and it finally does the right thing in making and keeping actual exclusives. We're seeing unprecedented levels of exclusive competition titles and the balance between all platforms having them could finally be fulfilled if Microsoft truly was acting 'for the players'.

Let's see... Sony does cross play. They don't need to with Microsoft if they don't want to.

Septic61d ago

"I hope the pressure keeps mounting on Microsoft and it finally does the right thing in making and keeping actual exclusives"

What has that got to do with cross play and this article?

"They don't need to with Microsoft if they don't want to"

Which is great news for gamers right?

moldybread61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow
"I hope the pressure keeps mounting on Microsoft and it finally does the right thing in making and keeping actual exclusives. We're seeing unprecedented levels of exclusive competition titles and the balance between all platforms having them could finally be fulfilled if Microsoft truly was acting 'for the players'."

Is this your get out of jail free card any time Sony is being called out on something? You sound more like a loyal fan of theirs than a consumer.

"Let's see... Sony does cross play. They don't need to with Microsoft if they don't want to."

Of course they don't have to. Just like you don't have to be the one to always be explaining things on their behalf and deflecting the situation.

Death61d ago

It's amusing to see people throw exclusives into every conversation about Xbox hardware or features.

gamer780461d ago

They are already doing this, MS knows its an issue and has some undisclosed exclusives that weren't ready to be shown yet. Games take a while, they aren't made overnight, especially AAA games. They played a bad hand late 2016 and early 2017, now they are trying to make up for it.

subtenko61d ago

Yes sony has been doing cross play, just dont like what xbox wants to do, nothing wrong with that. Its like someone coming over and saying heeeey frrriend in a real sarcastic fake voice when they really dont have your best interest in mind.

Apocalypse Shadow61d ago

Sony don't have to if they don't want to with their closest rival that does what they can to cut into Sony's sales. Some here are acting like it's not a competition to lead the market.

Moldy, you mean like having no consoles but relentlessly defending one company but not the other while claiming to be a"PC gamer?"

MegamanXXX61d ago

One of the funniest comments I've seen on here 😅🤣😂

DigitalRaptor61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

@ moldybread

"Is this your get out of jail free card any time Sony is being called out on something? You sound more like a loyal fan of theirs than a consumer."

You always seem to have an excuse at the ready whenever I have approached you about your intense double standards as far as Microsoft's own specific choices not to supply cross-play in certain scenarios, and why that doesn't matter to you as an actual PC gamer, or the fact that you're more concerned about cross-play on a console you don't have the intention of buying. Whether it's Microsoft specifically asking for cross-play to be removed on games like Fortnite, whether it the whole FFXIV situation where Microsoft policy is at fault, or whether it's Microsoft denying cross-play on games like Halo Wars: Definitive Edition. Whatever the case, it seems like you don't really care at all, because you exist to purport double standards, by dismissing any of these things Microsoft does. It's what a loyalist does, and you excel at it.

"Just like you don't have to be the one to always be explaining things on their behalf and deflecting the situation."

@ Apocalypse Shadow

"Moldy, you mean like having no consoles but relentlessly defending one company but not the other while claiming to be a"PC gamer?"

You know, this is the kind of stuff that exposes the agenda that he audaciously denies, because it's 100% true and evidence just keeps stacking up. But shaking himself off, pretending that he hasn't been exposed time and time again, and climbing back onto the pedestal works for him on this site.

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subtenko61d ago

It wont, sony is not stupid.... A smart kid on the block doesn't get pressured to go in an abandoned house by some punk kids because he is smart enough to know the dangerous and no beneficial gain...

zerocarnage61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

That's a daft comment considering even smart kids do stupid things at

If your trying to say Sony is the smart kid, refusing to work on cross play with ms is a very stupid move.

It doesn't take rocket science to have a think and see all the good that can come from cross play as it becomes available on most if not all online games.

All it is, is extra online support for gamers. As someone said above less chance of trade ins, games dieing, more people to game with, games finding players faster.

I mean in the future all sorts can happen with cross play, New features, could even make the console wars happen properly through games offering competative play, tournaments which means more funding for games down the line. I mean console wars actually played through games instead of all this bull crap tit for tat fanboy crap on these forums. Even clan support could come back in a big way on games, there has been a real lack of it this gen, adding those features back into games would be a godsend for PvP games again something that is sorely lacking on fps, racing, mmorpg, eta genre games.

Games could end up with bigger budgets if it turns out that crossplay is bringing in bigger communitys and enhancing game sales and lasting longer with less dieting, which then also increases dev support.

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Pancit_Canton61d ago

Probably the opposite. They might lose their trust on the developer. I don't think It's "accidental", I think the developer is trying prove something, that it is possible for them to implement the crossplay system with the flip of the switch. I'm pretty sure there's a non-disclosure agreement between the developer and Sony and it might tarnish the relationship between the two.

Apocalypse Shadow61d ago

Correct. Every developer knows Sony's stance at this time on cross play. It wasn't accidental. We'll see how this effects that developer going forward.

Pancit_Canton61d ago

Yeah. I could see this mistake from a rookie indie developers, but Epic Games? Nah, I'm calling BS on this one.

rainslacker61d ago (Edited 61d ago )

Epic doesn't have to play those kinds of games to get stuff done. They are one of the most influential companies in the industry, rivaling Sony and MS themselves. The execs and some of the engineers have the important people at all the console makers on speed dial, and those companies take their calls. I've seen people from Epic talk with engineers and execs from various console makers in developer forums, and they command respect, and when they ask or speak, people listen. At the same time, they respect the people they have to work with to make sure their relationships with these console makers aren't strained.

If they wanted to get something to happen, they would work with those companies to make it happen. If both or one of those companies said no, they wouldn't pursue it through passive aggressive "accidents" like this. Again, there is no reason to. Sweeny could easily say something without breaking NDA's. He's even prone to expressing his discontent on things he doesn't agree with.

Even then, Epic games aren't the kind of company that pushes buttons to try and get things done. They are an innovative company, and when they want to influence the company, they take the long road, and go through appropriate channels to exert such influence in order to grow the industry as a whole.

Just accept this was an oversight, and if I had to guess, the oversight was corrected as soon as it was brought to their attention. What's more surprising to me is that it passed compliance testing.

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