Amazon discounts PlayStation VR + Camera Bundle to below $300

Amazon has heavily discounted the PlayStation VR + Camera Bundle as customers can get the product for just $299.99 after entering a promotional code.

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Apocalypse Shadow334d ago

Sounds like a good deal. And I'd say go get one if you're interested in buying one this fall. But not new when it comes to deals as it happens periodically

Get it while it's hot.

S2Killinit334d ago

That's exactelybwhat i was going to say.

MVGeneral334d ago

I just tried on the Canadian amazon. And sadly it doesn't work. It's still $555 here.

crazyCoconuts334d ago

It moved the headset into Amazon's top 20 in the US, so nice to see there's still interest if the price is right...

Septic334d ago

Hmmm I wonder whether there is still an appeal for it. There is definitely a distinct lack of hype for the PSVR (and VR in general) imo. We still haven't really got that one killer app must-have VR title. I hope devs aren't put off though because it is early days and it just takes that one title to change things.

Kribwalker334d ago

lt's definitely floundering if it's price is $100 less in less then a year and now includes a $59 camera at the same time. It seems like they just arent moving enough units (85,000 from February to June) and if they don't grow at a faster pace I could see support start to die

Nyxus334d ago

Sony just announced some VR stuff at TGS. Zone of the Enders in VR seems pretty cool.


Holy crap! ZOE on psvr?! Im sold

Nyxus334d ago

@DA_SHREDDER: Yeah it's a 4K remaster of the 2nd Runner, with PSVR support: http://www.metalgearinforme...

Liqu1d334d ago

He doesn't actually care about PSVR, he's just concern trolling.

Kribwalker334d ago

Well when only 85,000 units are sold over a 4 month period and they first drop the bundle price by $50 plus add a $60 peripheral for free to the base model, then amazon takes an additional $100 off that price, it's fair to wonder

S2Killinit334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

There was more than a million units sold a few months after release which was more than the competition put together. It has more exclusives for Playstation than MS has had for xbox as a whole in the same period. Now with the price drop its shot up in amazon's best seller list.

I know it bothers you that xbox doesnt have VR, but dont worry, one day, you too can play with a VR device on a xbox. Or, you can continue to wonder...

Kribwalker333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

I couldnt care less about VR. If I really wanted it I woulda already bought it for my PS4. I don't wanna sit with a headset mounted to my face. My tv and hometheather are enough. I don't think it's gonna get a large following, no matter what platform
It took 9 months to hit 1 million units (oct-June) that's not great for a peripheral. It was at 915,000 in February and it took till June to sell 85,000 more. That's with one of the most hyped games for psvr releasing during that time. It's gonna go the way of the Betamax,laser disc, hddvd, zune, 3D tvs etc and it won't be supported. At least this version.

mcstorm334d ago

@septic I said when people on here were saying the psvr will be the next big thing that I did not think it would be. If you speak to general gamers they are not interested in VR. The masses want Fifa, COD, GTA ect and none of them have a VR mode.

Don't get me wrong VR is cool when you use it but it dose not make you say I need that in my life and because of this I still don't see it being the next big thing in gaming.

guitarded77334d ago

I was saying the same thing, and everyone got pissed at me. I wasn't insulting VR. I think it's cool, nut I also think it's a novelty. If I had a VR, it would be sitting beside my PS Move, my 3D Glasses, my Power Pad, Power Glove, etc. It's just not realistic for the MAJORITY of gamers to pay that kind of money for something that requires the user to strap on a helmet and can't be used for long periods of time.

I think all core gamers would like to see VR have its own market and grow into something bigger, but we have to learn to be honest with ourselves, and look at the history of such novelties. We get blinded by hype and hopes, and when someone tells us, to "slow down, let's see what it does first", or present realistic scenarios where a device doesn't shatter expectations, we're the bad guys.

mcstorm334d ago

@guitarded77 Yeah I got the same reaction as your self the I must of never used one or I hate sony ect.

I just did not feel the excitement was there for the product and I also fell the pro should of had better hardware to show it off as well. It is each to there own and I the same as your self have got products that have not made the mass market I even got a Zune which for me was a far better product than the Ipod but it is what it is.

The 10th Rider334d ago


Yeah, a lot of people I know think it's super cool and they're excited to try it out, but almost none of them are actually interested in purchasing it. There's a "gaming lounge" nearby me where people can pay for an hour of VR or whatever and some people do that, but to them it's akin to an amusement park ride.

I don't think VR will ever achieve mainstream adoption in gaming. People around here will say Kinect was a flop, but it sold far more far faster than VR did. I don't think VR will ever be anything more than a alternative method of gaming and even then it has years to go before it's affordable, comfortable, and we have the hardware to run it effectively.

mcstorm334d ago

The 10th Rider I agree. For me that's all I get from people how have used vr in wow thats cool then you tell them the price and they lose interest. The thing with kinect is at the time it was cool and the 1st set of games were not like anything people had seen before dance central, ea fitness and kinect sports all worked well and with it being full body tracking you did not need to hold/buy any extras like move or Wii motion plus remits and at £120 people could justify the price even 250 for it with a new console. This is vrs biggest issue at the moment is price but it is also not getting the support esp by 1st party I mean look at GTS support for a start.

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crazyCoconuts334d ago

Agreed the the lack of hype and killer apps is concerning. Limited support from GT Sport and no support from SWBF2 adds even more doubt. Sony needs to drop the official price more, market the hell out of it, and add a free PSVR game per month to entice more users into not missing out...

Realms334d ago

Septic won't care about VR until MS announces theirs oh wait I forgot he's a PC player. LOL

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I've had this thing since launch and only used it twice. I received it as a gift but it's just not for me. $300 Is still to high imo. There really no must have software for it.

bouzebbal334d ago

glad i didnt bite in this thing from the beginning..
so many words and promises that turned into nothing.. a few tech demos and silence since

Omeganex9999333d ago

There's a lot of games coming out for VR every month. Sony LITERALLY just announced more games at TGS.

Next time either get your news right.

kevnb334d ago

People all want to try it, but very few want to be strapped into a helmet while regular gaming.

rainslacker334d ago

I wouldn't use it as my go-to gaming device, but I am interested in playing some of the VR games available. Having used it at work, I find it pretty fun, and would like to expand that to be have some new experiences. My desire to seek it out has dwindled since they became available though, but when I couldn't buy one I actually really did want one.

Might be one of those instances where hype just dies when supply is too low. Shame, because I think Sony could have sold more. The software sales for it are pretty decent overall though.

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