Remixing Final Fantasy X's Subpar Music Sure Is Hard

Twinfinite: "Despite being one of my favorite Final Fantasy games of all time (mostly due to it being the first one I’d played in the series), it’s difficult to shower heaps of praise onto Final Fantasy X’s soundtrack. It’s not that it’s a bad collection of songs; the problem is that while the game does boast some really outstanding and memorable tracks, about 70% of that collection is forgettable filler. Not to mention the dismal production quality and poor instrument samples (an issue that was thankfully rectified with the remaster), and you’ve got one of the most woefully underwhelming music collections in Final Fantasy history. Even To Zanarkand can start to really wear out its welcome after it’s been iterated upon over and over and over again."

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Don't give them any clicks on this

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Why, lol? I thought it was kinda unique. Nothing else like it on n4g. Would you prefer another top 10 best games of 2017 article or something?

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Cause FFX is my favorite game lol. And nah what I really want is more PS+ predictions

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Lol audiophile , music enthusiast wanna be. Just because you can buy expensive speakers or headphones you think you are already an expert in sound and music.

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Dafuq are you on about.

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He's just mad because he has 2 Trust speakers of 10 dollars.

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I'm using speakers from my TV.

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