Microsoft Can Learn Some Valuable Lessons From Nintendo

Although Microsoft has been doing a great job lately, there is always room for improvement. Following Nintendo's excellent direct from last week, here are some lessons that Microsoft can learn from the famous video game company.

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Thatguy-310365d ago

"Although Microsoft has been doing a great job lately"

2pacalypsenow365d ago

Compared to 2013, they have. MS just doesn't have IP they can release over an over like Nintendo can.

yellowgerbil365d ago

Did -1 games release in 2013? That's the only way 2017 topped it.

Ristul365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Compared to 2013, a dump in the ocean is impressive.

rainslacker364d ago

Despite the DRM stuff, MS had more to look forward to in their first year than they've collectively had since that first year. In fact, most of what we have to look forward to now is some of what we had to loo forward to before launch.

Now we have new hardware to look forward to, and an OS change, along with a new game rental service. Game rental service is about the only gaming related thing, and the hardware is redundant due to the mid-gen paradigm being redundant.

364d ago
Chevalier364d ago

Halo, Gears, Forza, Forza Horizon, deals with Tomb Raider and Dead Rising all say hello! Rince and repeat bi-annually!

Sono421364d ago

The only reason Nintendo can pull of these obscure consoles with terrible online is because they are masters at making games, people simply put up with their crap to play their games. So until Microsoft actually understands this, they're just going to stay in 3rd place. Well unless Sega or someone makes a new console, then they could go to 4th.

WickedLester363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

The Xbox One released better (and more) games in 2013

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DigitalRaptor365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Microsoft's 2017 is probably their worst this generation in regards to game output. It's just atrocious and I think a lot of Xbox fans (and everyone else) have shared the same sentiment many times. It's been a rather popular conversation sparker, especially when Sony and Nintendo's output this year has been outstanding. They've had to make up for how inadequate they look this year by improving in other areas, and I think they've done a good job of:

✅ Bringing back games from the stone age that nobody wants to play anymore.
✅ Updating their OS the absolute second that people had just got used to the old one.
✅ Creating an army of people who swore that power didn't matter only 18 months ago.

Of course I'm being silly, and this relates to their support for backwards compatibility, keeping their OS updated & giving the most hardcore of their customers prettier games to play for a while.

SpaceRanger365d ago

I can't wait till Scorpio is out. Not to dish out $500 smackers, but so that I don't have to hear how important "true 4k" is to people who currently play games at 720p or 900p the vast majority of the time. Can't believe some people here have been calling it the "beast" for almost 2 years now. 😂 Even when the rumors were going around.

And when it comes to these articles, I always roll my eyes because most Xbox users talk about how they wouldn't play with such an "inferior console" since it doesn't do 4k.

MegamanXXX364d ago

I'm surprised Microsoft hasn't learn from 2013

zerocarnage364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

I wouldn't say that having hardly any exclusives has done my head in the way it seems to have done Sony fanboys.

I play games on my Xbox which grip me and that means mostly third party's, it always has for me whether it was on my ps2, ps3, Xbox 360 and Xbox one.

This whole mirage the fanboys keep throwing around about exclusives is old, boring and very tiresome now, the Xbox appealed to me more in other ways first than just having exclusives.

Compared to third party's anyway, not as many first make it big compared to third and it has been like that since ps2 and og Xbox.

You can guarantee that if Sony didn't have exclusives there console sales would look very much different. The people that went to Sony this gen have made this chirade up that a machine needs exclusives to sell, where ms's console at least has prooven it can sell and doesnt depend or need to depend on this whole exclusive mirage .

UCForce364d ago

@zerocarnage And Why MS didn't show their Xbox One sale units to the public ?

Why o why364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Lol zerocarnage

Theres a lot of big 'IF'S and myopia in that statement.

Looking at the numbers, more disagree than agree with you.

Maybe you should use your energy on the 2 of the 3 main sets of disgruntled xbox fans who aren't afraid to want or demand more. One set being the type that openly voice their annoyance despite their xbox preference and the other who will front and d control online like theres nothing crap about ms's output but privately acknowledge its been shit and has been for longer than company of ms's experience and wealth should be. The final set are the delusionals who only see the gaming world through their own experiences and believe that if they're happy, everyone is happy therefore nobody should want more than they do.......Swerve those types as they are the lost boys ....they'll do their best to take you to the dark side👿

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Vandamme21364d ago

Microsoft needs to give the Xbox fan Halo 5 ODLC😂.

TargusX364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

As an xbox fan, I have to agree. Every game that actually captures my attention is...on SONY or NINs platforms. Depressing. They're obsessed with trying to match the PC market in terms of powerful hardware - instead of focusing on quality games? For the first time, PS4 Pro is really starting to appeal to me. You are failing MS...badly!

363d ago
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quenomamen365d ago

What make toy console with even fewer games than Xbox one ?

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KwietStorm364d ago

What is it you are asking?

PhoenixUp365d ago

"One of the biggest criticisms the Wii U had was the fact that there wasn’t much 3rd-Party support. This seems not to be a problem with Switch. Since launch, there has been an influx of 3rd party games announced for the platform."

Wii U had just as many third party games as NS in its first year. I'd argue the former had even more AAA third party titles in its first year than the latter.

"This means that since its March launch, there has been an exclusive almost every month. This is something that Microsoft and Sony have failed to do since the launch of Xbox One and PlayStation 4 respectively."

PS4 has consistently had exclusive titles released monthly for the longest of times. Don't group it along with XO like that.

DJK1NG_Gaming365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

No it did not have as many. Stop lying to yourself.

"PS4 has consistently had exclusive titles released monthly for the longest of times. Don't group it along with XO like that.'

You missed the point of that statement. The author is talking about Sony's IP not just exclusives.
Games from Sony that were developed from their studios. Their were games released from Sony at the end or beginning of year. It was never a monthly thing.

zerocarnage364d ago

Nintendo have always had the most exclusives out of all the consoles and there generations.

Silly gameAr364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

"You missed the point of that statement. The author is talking about Sony's IP not just exclusives.
Games from Sony that were developed from their studios. Their were games released from Sony at the end or beginning of year. It was never a monthly thing."

Oh, so that's where the goal post are set.

364d ago
rainslacker363d ago

Sony has only had two months so far this year where they haven't released a 1st party game. But they also have a couple months where they released a couple 1st party games.

So, even though the author wasn't speaking of just 1st party IP's, he isn't technically wrong that it wasn't every month since Switches release, but when it comes to 1st party, Sony is still holding the lead in number of releases this year.

DJK1NG_Gaming363d ago

I am talking about PS4 year one.

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PhoenixUp365d ago

Yes it did. In its first year Wii U had received third party titles that previously never released on a Nintendo console, same case with NS.

You seemed to miss the point of the paragraph which I'm quoting. The author says exclusives as in "exclusives" in general, not just first party titles. Just look at how Super Bomberman R, a third party title, is listed as an example.

So your damage controlling for the author has failed. Read the actual article before making inaccurate assumptions on someone else's behalf.

Like I said, PS4 has had monthly exclusives for the longest of times, so it shouldn't be grouped with XO in that area to try to prop up NS.

FallenAngel1984365d ago

@ DJ

"You missed the point of that statement. The author is talking about Sony's IP not just exclusives."

Oh really? At no point in that entire portion of the article was the author talking solely about first party titles. He/she was talking about exclusives of any variety.

I can't believe you're actually trying to make sense of what the author is saying when it is blatantly obvious you didn't read the article yourself.

rainslacker364d ago

Some of those 3rd party games are selling on switch though, which is not how it was with the WiiU. Granted, WiiU probably would have lost that big AAA support over time regardless as teh new generation got going, but it probably could have supported the cross gen games fine, except for the horrid software sales which turned publishers off from even trying.

Granted, Switch isn't trying to compete with this gen in the same way, so it's 3rd party support will be there simply due to the system being a portable, and Nitnendo portables doing well enough both in hardware and software sales to make it so publishers don't ignore it.

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XiNatsuDragnel365d ago

Microsoft needs to learn the power of exclusives lol

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