Sony Releases New PSVR ‘Be Immersed’ Trailer Showing One of the Worst “Experiences” Available

Pure PlayStation: Oh, Sony, why do you gotta do these things? Just when we thought you were on the path to righteousness, you go and do something so silly and undo all the hard work. Alright, maybe we’re being a bit melodramatic on this one, but there’s no good reason Sony’s new PSVR trailer features the pretty bad Spider-Man: Homecoming VR Experience.

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Apocalypse Shadow303d ago

I have to agree. That experience was a joke and I support PSVR. Only way to make up for that poop burger is to have PSVR support in the upcoming spiderman game next year.

If they removed all the pedestrians, cars, etc and just let me web swing through the city like spiderman 2, only then would that make up for that lazy thing that came out in July. Only good thing about it was the "start screen" with Spidey standing there and that it was free.

welly300302d ago

Who thought that was a good idea? Worst thing on psvr.

ChronoJoe301d ago

Probably because people really like spiderman. So for people on the outside, it still appeals to them. Sony likely have an incentive to market due it it being a tie in with their movie.