The 8 best console startup sounds of all time

Console startup sequences are things gamers experience hundreds or thousands of times. Here are the eight best boot-up sounds in console history.

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chrisx306d ago

To me the Ps1 startup sound was very unique and rly the best

306d ago
rainslacker305d ago

I agree. Heard it first through a regular TV for a couple years. Loved it then. Sent tingles down my spine the first time. Then I got my first stereo receiver with crappy speakers, and was blown away again.

Then they had it in UC4 for the crash mini-game, and playing it through a modern receiver with high-ish end speakers was practically other-worldly.

Can't think of any other start up sound which would have such a lasting impression over 20 odd years.

SierraGuy306d ago


2pacalypsenow306d ago

I think the PS1 is still the most iconic startup sound.

SegaGamer305d ago

Dreamcast for me. It's got such a relaxing sound to it.

coolastheycome305d ago

The startup sound for the Sega Genesis will always be best to me

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