Sci-Fi Adventure The Solus Project Comes to PlayStation VR

PS Plus Members get a 20% discount.

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1nsomniac303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

Tempted to buy this one. I've heard a few people comment who had it first time around on Steam & said it was a bit crap. I think it looks pretty good & interesting though. The fact that it's a full 15 hour game interests me too. Plus it's £15..

It could tempt me to dig out the PSVR. If Sony hadn't made the retarded decision to not allow HDR pass through then I wouldn't have to disconnect it every time. Then I'd maybe use it more & buy more PSVR games!

DigitalRaptor303d ago (Edited 303d ago )

The game looks good, and hopefully it's a good VR experience. I was anticipating that they would improve the voice acting from what I last heard from the early access version, so I'll have to give it a fresh listen.