Crystal Dynamics is working in an AAA game of adventure and action and is not a Tomb Raider game.

It's a new IP and it would have action and a third person shooter-oriented gameplay.

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MegaMohsi452d ago

Arent they working on the Avengers game?

UCForce452d ago

That would be Edios Montreal.

Alexious452d ago

No. Crystal Dynamics is lead on the Avengers game.

UCForce452d ago

@Alexious Okay, I see. Sorry for misunderstanding.

451d ago
TheKingKratos452d ago

Don't make another Tomb Raider plz
your Lara flat out sucks and her story is boring and badly written.
bring Legacy of Kain back

spwittbold451d ago

YetTR was a thousand times better than any of the Uncharted games lawl.

pietro1212451d ago

The reboot titles are better than the originals

coolastheycome451d ago

Would absolutely love for this to be Legacy of Kain

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The story is too old to be commented.