Horizon Zero Dawn Update 1.33 is Live

Hi everyone! The team is hard at work with The Frozen Wilds, but we also have a new patch for Horizon Zero Dawn. Patch 1.33 is available now.


Update 1.33 has brought with it a bug for some users, as having an open treasure box containing mods and other items has resulted in crashing. Guerrilla Games are working on a fix asap.

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UCForce334d ago

Keep up the good work, GG ! I can't wait for Forzen Wilds. Already pre ordered.

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PoopsMcGee334d ago

I'm not a big trophy-hunter but I'm on the verge of the Platinum for Horizon. Perfect timing with Frozen Wilds just around the corner.

Glad they patched up these issues with New Game + before I jump in myself. Really looking forward to the ramped-up difficulty.

PoopsMcGee333d ago


Good news. I hadn't even had a chance to download 1.33 yet...

C-H-E-F333d ago

Training Ground Trophies have been killing me, stopping me from going new game + :(

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SkippyPaccino334d ago

This is an actual "gorgeous" game... You hear that Sea of Theves! Lol

jojo319334d ago

Absolutely zero to do with the topic.

SkippyPaccino334d ago

It has everything to do with n4g has a whole...

jojo319334d ago

And that's exactly why this site is going downhill. The top 5 articles are ALWAYS about sales figures or some reason that one console is better than the other. As a person who owns a loves all 3 consoles, I wish there was an aggregator that didn't reward constant flame-bait articles by giving them higher rankings.

SkippyPaccino334d ago

People love gossip and flame-bait articles... Thats the best part of n4g, is reading random people fight over silly things. It's a great distraction from the crap world we live in.

jojo319333d ago

@SkippyPaccino True, it is entertaining. It's just amazing to see how far people will go to prove the other side "wrong". Digging up past comments, finding graphs, charts, and stats. etc. It's nuts. I'm just amazed that either side thinks we would be better off if the "other" system didn't exist. We should all be glad that these companies are pushing each other. Trust me. you don't want one to fail. It wouldn't be good for ANY gamer.

Silly gameAr333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

Well, N4G needs to do more quality control when it comes to what's being submitted.

Oh, btw. You forgot to mention the "most powerful console ever" or "4K blah blah" top articles.

thejigisup333d ago

Perhaps a bubbles system seperate from the "fire" ranking would work. the more people that like an article rather than how many clicks and comments would work. This way the community can really vote on the article rather flame, spam, and troll the comments.

RememberThe357333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

The fact is most people aren't looking for a bunch of deep reading when they come here. We want quick gaming news and lively debates. As far as I'm concerned if it's about gaming it's relevant.

I do think we need a little of the old format - before the news boiler crap - back; more focus on member moderation, and an open zone for talking mad shit.

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The_Jackel334d ago

Can not wait for this DLC, keep up the hard work GG

tulholdren334d ago

Keep up the great work GG. This going to be another day 1 game.

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