Persona 6 Will Eventually Come, But Let’s Enjoy The Spin-Offs While We Can

After the marathon that was Persona 5, some people are already looking towards Persona 6. Pause Resume's Jason Rocha thinks we should enjoy the inevitable Persona 5 spin-offs for a while though.

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PhoenixUp372d ago

You're going to be enjoying a spinoff regardless if you're a fan of this videogame series.

Persona is a spinoff of Shin Megami Tensei, and SMT is a spinoff of the Digital Devil Story novels.

Servbot41372d ago

I wouldn't call SMT a spinoff of Megaten. Sure, they are named differently and went in a different direction from the original two releases, but its akin to Mario Bros to Super Mario Bros; Is it a direct sequel? No. Is it a spinoff? Of course not.
SMT was the natural evolution of Megaten.

_-EDMIX-_372d ago

Agreed. I personally don't even see the point in people trying to pretend as if it has anything to do with the other shin Megami tensei games they're just completely different universes.

PhoenixUp372d ago

@ Serv

I was actually referring to the Digital Devil Story trilogy of novels that were published in 1986. Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei was spunoff from that 1 year later in 1987.

@ Edmix

A game doesn't have to be in the same universe to be considered a spinoff. Final Fantasy Tactics didn't take place in the same universe as any prior installments in the series, yet that doesn't change the fact that FFT is a spinoff.

Also Shin Megami Tensei if is already considered a spinoff its mother series, and the Persona franchise is a continuation of that. SMT if might as well be called Persona 0.

bluefox755372d ago

It's probably gonna be like 5 years til the next one, unfortunately.

Teflon02372d ago

Maybe not. 3 and 4 weren't far off since they used similar consoles. P6 can definitely upgrade graphics wise but it's got a engine and everything. But I'd it takes 5 years I'm fine as long as it's not announced until closer to release and it's on the latest version of the console they choose (likely ps5)

_-EDMIX-_372d ago

Yea with SEGAs backing, that could be much sooner.

Summons75372d ago

or longer since P4 came out nearly 10 years ago. I can wait though, they always deliver a quality game. I don't care for spinoffs but there is nothing wrong with them.

_-EDMIX-_372d ago

Did you forget SEGA owns them now? P5 also moved massive units, so why would they wait ten years? I'm sorry Summon but that just doesn't make any sense whatsoever , because you're simply talking about something that happened from happenchance of the company not having funding 10 years ago in comparison to one of their best selling and fastest selling games also being backed by a huge publisher like Sega.

I would expect a sequel sooner than later simply because Sega did not buy these people for no reason.

FallenAngel1984372d ago

Speaking of spinoffs, Sega should commission Atlus to make a Sonic RPG.

If they can get an outside western developer like Bioware to make a Sonic RPG, they can sure as hell get an internal eastern developer to make one for them. Especially since a Persona character of all things has reference in Sonic Forces for the preorder.

_-EDMIX-_372d ago

Trust me it's not that I don't like the idea I think it makes lots of sense from a gamer standpoint but from a business standpoint Sega spent money to purchase this team and clearly they want to recoup their funds so I think the best thing they should do like they've actually done with most of the teams they've purchased is let them do their own thing.

When they bought Relic we still got Company of Heroes and dawn of War, they didn't start just abusing them and having them make Sonic games or anything like that. They bought this team because of their design in clearly how they've made the Persona games so I would expect them to definitely spend money to fund their bread and butter like Persona games.

FallenAngel1984372d ago

Altus can continue making their games, but one commission wouldn't hurt

kalkano372d ago

I'm just not a fan of any of the Persona spinoffs, except for #FE (which is more of an FE spinoff). I'd be up for a remake of Persona 2, but that's pretty much it.

Teflon02372d ago

Are you saying you don't like any personas or just games like persona q and dancing etc.

kalkano372d ago

I love the mainline games; just not the spinoffs.

Relientk77372d ago

I expect Persona 6 on the PlayStation 5, so not for awhile

_-EDMIX-_372d ago

I actually think it's more likely you get Persona 6 on PlayStation 4 if anything else. That's not to say that they probably won't have some sort of version available for PlayStation 5.

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