Saints Row 3 Is Another Showcase Title For Xbox One Backwards Compatibility; Fixes Many Major Issues

ThisGenGaming says "The Xbox One Backwards Compatibility team have outdone themselves with Saints Row 3 as it fixes many issues seen on the Xbox 360 version, and the changes are incredible."

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freshslicepizza424d ago

Nice to see them improve the old games

DiceAndRice424d ago

Agreed. Always great to see them improve, I wonder what the Xbox One X can do for BC.

timotim424d ago

I love when I can boot up a game I have yet to finish or a classic and have it run better than its ever run before. I think it's cool. Been playing a lot of the original Forza Horizon to increase my Forza Hub score and get more achievements...the game runs amazing on X1.

dantesparda424d ago

"Fixes Many Major Issues"

What "major issues"? Cuz the frame rate is still a uncapped wavering mess that still drops into the low 20s and the frame pacing is even WORST than it ever was on the 360. With it constantly going back and forth being 16.6ms and 33.3ms, which makes it extremely framey. The only thing they fix is the screen tearing. So what are these "major issues"?

TheUndertaker85424d ago

"Saints Row 3 had major framerate issues on the Xbox 360 during cutscenes with drops reaching to 20FPS however that has been fixed on the Xbox One with cutscenes now staying at a very stable 30FPS, and hardly dropping at all. Thanks to VGTech‘s latest video for these screencaps."

dantesparda423d ago

Watch the video, its drops to the 20s, but i see fanboys dont like the facts and instead prefer to believe all their own bs.

TheUndertaker85422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

1) The quote I posted is from this exact story.
2) Going from a flat 20 in cases to anything above while managing to make other bits hit 30 where they didn't before is an accomplishment rather you personally like it or not.
3) Yes, fanboys spreading BS. Not what you're doing at all is it, particularly when gains occurred.
4)""Fixes Many Major Issues"

What "major issues"?" - Addressed the question you didn't find an answer for as it's contained in the story. Also provided a good summary for you as well.

Anything else?

Ah. I see. You wanted to avoid admitting that gains occurred via Xbox One backwards compatibility & chose to downplay the story and results. Much like a fanboy. While calling others fanboys.

Magnus424d ago

Just need Saints Row 1&2 now they're the best ones

Shineon424d ago

Before aliens entered the saints row universe

2pacalypsenow424d ago

SR 1 is still my favorite. That ending.....

C-H-E-F424d ago

Higher frame rate is a side effect of having better hardware, BC doesn't matter at all lOl.

For example I can take a PC game that craps out at 60fps 1080p and then put it on the same settings on a higher end computer and wala magic, lOl BC has nothing to do with it. lOl