Here are a Bunch of other Video Game Nipples

Last week the world was shaken by the startling revelation that everyone’s favourite former plumber has nipples. We should have seen this coming, really. Despite some debate, gamers have been told in no uncertain terms that Mario is a human. And the standard configuration of a human includes two nipples. But this revelation raises more questions.

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wonderfulmonkeyman369d ago

Man, we are REALLY scraping the bottom of the news barrel lately...

TheColbertinator368d ago


Ehhh somehow still better written than the Nintendo hating articles lately.

368d ago
PhoenixUp368d ago

This list needs a girl on it

winter_hill368d ago

This list needs ONLY girls on it.

Sm3000368d ago

Bruh, u serious with this? "The world was shaken"? Gimme a break

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