DF Retro: We Play Every Single Doom Console Conversion

One of the most popular and influential titles of all-time, id software's Doom played a key part in gaming's challenging 90s transition from two to three dimensions, and its legacy of technical innovation continues to this day. Last week, Nintendo and Bethesda announced a handheld version of the Doom 2016 reboot, seemingly a technological miracle in handheld form. However, back in 1993, full-fat Doom required a medium to high-end PC - and the race was on to accurately translate this incredible new experience to more affordable console hardware.

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chris235300d ago

this game is so boring i tried several times to at least finish the main campaign - to no avail. after a very short while i stop it again.

i also find it very funny that the switch crowd does not get tired to point out how dull the big titles are compared to their nintendo-approach-exclusives but as soon as someone manages to port one of these dull games to the switch it gets celebrated like the golden calf. how should one take this behavior seriously?

Darkwatchman300d ago

Doom was a revelation when it released. Whether it still holds up as a video game in 2017 in comparison to everything that has released since is entirely up to each individual, however you can not deny the impact and legacy the original Doom left on the industry.

big_dom_strikes_back300d ago (Edited 300d ago )

Why are you talking to him like he's an adult over the age of 18 for? By the sounds of him, he was born 10 years ago and hasn't a clue what Doom is. Just like any other Millennial, they see or play a remake of something that shares the exact same name as the original, and thinks that its the original.

If we're talking about the most recent release playing the same trick that Hollywood is doing, by 'remaking' something based off of an original, and calling it the same thing, then yes, I would agree, the recent Doom just did not appeal to me at all. It lacked imagination and missed the feeling that the design of the original games had. Everyone has it in their head that the original games were all about the fast pace run and gun. Not always so. The 95 PSX version of the game, which is the best version as far as I'm concerned, nailed an atmosphere that I have still yet to experience in a modern FPS to this day. It took everything good from the 93 version and gave it an amazing ambient soundtrack and lighting model that was pitch perfect. Sadly Bethesda neglected all that in the recent remake. The demon design is also hideous, in the wrong way. They look more like alien mutations than something scary or demonic.

Master of Unlocking300d ago

The PS1 version had a soundtrack that ran circles around the PC version. That alone made this console port the best version by far. I don't know who decided to do that, but it was a saving grace to replace those infamous cheap tunes based on famous hard rock tunes played in short loops endlessly with a beautiful and eery soundtrack that really enhanced the terror you felt in some levels.
It only we had been treated to 60Hz games in Europe... :p