Final Fantasy XV Has Sold 6.5 Million Units

Square Enix's efforts in making Final Fantasy XV the center of a universe have paid off.

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-GreenRanger68d ago

I bought this game used, so my sale doesn't count. ;)

Woolly_68d ago

Well, it looks you weren't missed at all... ^_^

TeamIcoFan68d ago

Watch out guys, we got ourselves a badass over here!
Like, for real bruh, I'm sooooo jealous of your badassery.
You bought a game USED? Holy fuck, you must get all the pussy in the world, you go dude!

..../sarcasm until the end of the whole fucking universe

goken67d ago

and here i am thinking all he managed to do was save some money... little did i know lol

gangsta_red67d ago

Oh wow! buying a used game brings out the internet comedian in everyone.

Two shows a night or are you in town for only one day?

/sarcasm on G.O.D

Asuka68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Technically you're wrong. The money has already been collected and paid for in full to the publisher before you even decided to pay for it. As retailers purchase units from the publisher based on customer demand, and seeing as how you still bought it whether it be used or not, shows there is still demand so retailers will order more inventory... never understood why people think buying used means anything. Someone bought that game from a retailer and that retailer already paid for that shipment. Hence why publishers give out shipment numbers as those count as actual sales towards profits they see... not "sold through to customer" numbers as those effect retailers.

2pacalypsenow67d ago

There are things like Craigslist and the FB marketplace.

roadkillers67d ago

I don't know why everyone is jumping on you, but thanks for supporting local businesses (unless you went to Gamestop). Local used game stores have the most personality and some are legit cool places to hang out. The one by me has old arcades to play and tournaments for fun.

gangsta_red67d ago

At first I wasn't a fan of this game and I definitely think some of the world traveling could have used some more fine tuning but in the end I did finish it and I did enjoy it. And as usual for these later FF titles I had no clue what the hell was going on.

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inxine68d ago

SquareEnix sold 6.5 mio. shipped units of the game.

xwabbit67d ago

They still sold them lol, companies like bestbuy and gamestop cant return the games they bought lol

inxine66d ago

i did say they sold them didnt i?

SolidStateSnake68d ago

Too bad. This show SE can get away with any shit.

IamTylerDurden168d ago (Edited 68d ago )

FFXV was absolutely unfinished and clearly needed 6 months but it really isn't a bad game and it is visually stunning on Pro with the best HDR i've seen. It has good combat and received numerous updates as well. As it plays today it's a good game.

SolidStateSnake68d ago

I disagree. On regular PS4 it looks dull, the scenery is boring, the map is a pain to navigate through, it has boring quests (especially the sidequests) and the most annoying thing of all is the constant frame drops in battles.

How come Guerilla can make a game like HZD that looks like a painting and runs like water but these guys can't?

SinisterKieran67d ago

still probably one of the most finished games i played this year ha

_-EDMIX-_68d ago

Ok, some people like Final Fantasy 15 some people didn't

Who cares? They're going to make a different Final Fantasy and everyone could move on I admit I didn't really care for Final Fantasy 13 and I never bought it but over the years even I felt it was unfair to criticize a game I didn't even play especially in a series that's actually always different each entry.

So it's not as if they tricked anyone or stole anything they made a good game and got the sales to show for it. Final Fantasy 15 is not really exactly what I thought it would be but I also can't say it was the worst game I've ever played or anything like that I put a very solid 80 hours into that game and enjoyed it.

That being said I don't really know what you mean by getting away with as if they did something criminally wrong

Some Like It some don't.

SolidStateSnake67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Yeah you can like or dislike the games story or combat etc, but what made me stop playing all together was the constant frame drops in battles wich just made it irritating to play. How come Guerilla can make a game that looks 10 times better than FFXV and keep constant frame rate but SE can't?

I didn't like the combat system either but that's subjective.

princejb13467d ago

Yup. I bought the game on release day. Still haven't finished it. It got a little boring half way through

Harkins172167d ago

Because 2 different engines doing different things. XV looks better in some areas and Horizon looks better in others.

RememberThe35767d ago

I can't help but agree with this. I was so pumped for the darker tone that was FFv13, but seeing what they did with this game was soul sucking to me. True, the combat was dope, but the story was lame, characters sucked, and the side quests were awful. I left that bro journey about 20 hours in and never found a reason to go back. Such a disappointment for me.

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