Modders are demaking Half Life 2 in Half-Life's GoldSource Engine, demo now available for download

Now here is an interesting idea. Sockman111 and his team is currently demaking Half-Life 2 in Half Life’s GoldSource Engine. While there have been other such attempts in the past, this one may actually see the light of day. And if it does not, players will at least be able to get a taste of it as Sockman111 has released a demo of it.

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laz4rdude332d ago

Wow a downgrade so cool ..... Not!!

Yohshida332d ago

It actually is. A while back we had the "Modern Games made in PS1 Style" Post (here it is: ) which looks absolutely amazing.
Half Life 1 is without a doubt the superior one and replaying the whole game with a friend, thanks to sven coop, I fell in Love with the way the game is made. I would actually give this one a go.

OoglyBoogly332d ago

Like a lot of the commentors in the article I fail to see the point of this. I mean, by this point the original HL2 is old enough that it doesn't need more downgrading to an inferior engine.

Cool I guess in a "it's been done" sort of way but pointless over all.

thejigisup332d ago

It's a different aesthetic, i kinda like it, maybe it'll run on the switch .

Obz332d ago

You idiot. The switch can run current gen games.

skinox1332d ago

Chill down!!!! He is being sarcastic. Anyway it's good sarcasm to laugh at it.

thejigisup332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

Lulz#triggerd /s... maybe

T1125P332d ago

I would play this again if they mod it using Unreal Engine 4. ^_^

SinkingSage331d ago

How would you mod a game on a different engine?

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