Is this 400GB SanDisk MicroSD Card the Ultimate Nintendo Switch Storage Expansion?

Nintendo Switch and Android phone enthusiasts, rejoice: SanDisk is letting you store more than ever.

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wonderfulmonkeyman306d ago

It'll run us about $250 here in the states.

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PhoenixUp306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

That SD card costs nearly as much as the Switch itself. Doesn't sound like the ultimate solution for mainstream audiences.

I'd never pay that much for that level of external storage, especially when I got a 4TB external HDD for $130 a few months ago

DarkKaine306d ago

You can't hook up USB drives to the switch tho.
But yes this is overpriced. You're better off buying multiples of 64/128GB.

kneon305d ago

Expensive, but not over priced.

PhoenixUp306d ago

I know that. I'm just saying I prefer the gigabyte to dollar ratio that HDDs usually provide over SD cards.

The average Switch owner wouldn't need that big an SD card so soon. Better to just wait until a device like this drops in price.

Neonridr305d ago

absolutely, better off waiting until prices come down.

The 10th Rider305d ago

Yeah, within a year or two the prices of cards this size will start to normalize. Right now you can snag a 200gb card for $78. Within a year or two a 400-500gb card should be $150 or even cheaper.

MicroSD cards are currently the go-to method of expanding phone and/or tablet storage too, so the incentive to push the technology in that area is fairly high.

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letsa_go305d ago

Best deal I got recently was a bunch of 4TB drives for $30 from walmart. They were on clearance!

GamingCentaur305d ago

Switch isn't mainstream. (yet) It's selling to Nintendo fans upgrading from 3DS/Wii U at the moment.
It is far too expensive for a Nintendo console though. Even if it does double as a portable...

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porkChop306d ago

Not at that price. I can get 128 GB for just $50-$60 CAD. I buy big games on cart anyway, so 128 GB would already be overkill. I have 13 games, and like 12 GB+ of empty space.

Benjaminkno306d ago

I'm sure this size will be twice as cheap by the time one half that size would be filled.
Nintendo's games especially are compressed so much it's like an art form to them.

Here's one half that size for less than $100

Yi-Long306d ago

It's ridiculous that a 300$ console releases in this day and age with the bare minimum of storage, so folks will need to buy extra storage seperately...

Should have launched with a 1TB HDD in the dock. At least.

Kun_ADR305d ago

And unable to play most games on the go. What is the point of being a hybrid console then?

kneon305d ago

Well for one, having storage in the dock could actually make it a hybrid console instead of a portable with a video out port. As it is, the dock does nothing but simplify connecting cables, that doesn't make it a hybrid of any kind.

Having storage In the dock would have allowed you to pick and choose which games to take with you without the need to re-download them again if you've deleted one to make space. Think of it as local caching of your digital titles. With some minimal processing power in the dock it could even ensure patches and updates are downloaded and applied automatically. Then when you do dock the switch it could pull in the updates from the dock so updates could be applied much more quickly.

NotoriousWhiz305d ago

@kneon, Nintendo needs to hire you.

kneon304d ago


It's not an original concept, that's pretty much how you could use the PSP/PS Vita + PS3.

wonderfulmonkeyman305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

Size would have increased, which would ruin portability factor and cause overheating.
Price would have went waaaaay up from the $300 tag, making it unmarketable for the tech inside.

So no, it shouldn't have. Just think a little and you'd realize that there's no way they could sell a 1TB hybrid at a cheap enough price to maintain any sort of popularity.

There's nothing ridiculous about it; you just aren't looking at the details behind the decision.

Dalailana305d ago

300$ is very cheap.

iPhone x cost 1000$ with only 256 gb of memory.

Kun_ADR305d ago (Edited 305d ago )

The $1000 iPhone X comes only with 64gb of memory. It is the $1150 one that come with 256gb.

Those price are crazy compared to the Switch.

ABizzel1305d ago

The iPhone X is also highly overpriced for the hardware (like most iPhones), it's also a cellphone and multimedia device significantly more than the Switch), and you could have used the price of any iPhone (or Android) with 256GB to make a comparison or 128GB for that matter ($549 128GB 6s, lesser gaming, similar hardware, mobile phone, and significantly better multimedia device).

Memory is super cheap for devices like these that are produced by the tens of millions, and the Switch should have at least have a 128GB internal, for a device with at least a 5 year life expectancy dedicated to gaming.

The Switch is great, but there are areas that should can be improved upon, and should have been fixed Day 1. Nintendo has tried getting away with this 32GB "HDD" for 2 consoles now. It's not going to work anymore, especially when the competition is starting at 500GB and moving to 1TB standard now. 128GB was more than enough.

Yi-Long305d ago

Why are you comparing a games-console to the most overprices PHONE on the market?

I could do the same and mention the 300$ OnePlus 1 released 3 years ago with 64gb storage. And then complain about how the Switch can't call people, or doesn't have a decent camera included, or doesn't have a decent mediaplayer on board.

It's a bit of a ridiculous comparison on your end to justify Nintendo's crazy anti-consumer decisions.

Why not compare it to it's current-gen rivals, both of which released with 500GB HDDs...!?

GamingCentaur305d ago

The iPhone X is way more powerful than a Switch. It also has thousands more games and apps. It can also make phones calls and receive/send messages.

If you ask a kid or teenager to pick between an iPhone and a Switch, they'll pick an iPhone without a second thought.

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Cyro305d ago

I agree but the system would be even more expensive.

Perjoss305d ago

It's a handheld, how much storage did the vita come with when it released?

davand114303d ago

The reason the Switch doesn't come with that is because you don't have to install 99% of the physical games coming to the system. The reason why the PS4/Xbox come with 500GB HDD's is because they need to have them. The only game that requires an install to play right now it NBA 2k. If you get a $40 128GB microSD you'd be good for a long time. I'd say wait for black friday if you don't need it now, it should cost around $20 - $30 around that time.

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