Are Multiplayer FPS Games Genetically Repetitive?

Are multiplayer FPS games genetically repetitive? It’s a question that game developers have to deal with constantly when building a new multiplayer FPS game. We may not be game developers but as gamers, we’re interested in this topic. So today we’ll be taking a close look at the FPS genre.

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FallenAngel1984337d ago

Couldn't that question be applied to any genre?

Rimeskeem337d ago

Well, third person games with online can be very different. Uncharted feels nothing like Gears of War for instance.

But I disagree that FPS online games fee genetically the same. Try playing CoD and then Red Orchestra. Totally different.

-Foxtrot336d ago

Not really...lets say you have 2 players.

Player 1 has Overwatch
Player 2 has Elder Scrolls Skyrim

They both player their games continuously for 8 hours straight. Maybe they shit themselves...who knows.

Player 1 will have experienced everything Overwatch has to offer, most likely 2-4 hours in. All the modes, got all the Arcade loot boxes for that week, played the training room to test each character, been on all the maps etc. He's played a good handful of matches.

Player 2 will have probably spent the first good hour alone on the character customization. If not he would have gotten out of the cave and wandered around for a few hours to explore the world and most likely either done a side quest or two.

Overwatch in this example looks more repetitive. Now I guess it's about the genre of the game but even if it was something like Uncharted 4 you'd still have the multiplayer and the single player, the latter being something you'll go on again either on a harder mode or to find the collectibles.

TheColbertinator335d ago

Known that since Wolfenstein.

TheHan335d ago

To answer your question with a shorter answer. Yes!

ShinRon335d ago

All games are repetitive, no exception

iceman06335d ago

True!!! It's just a matter of how much joy we can get out of the repetition that makes a difference in whether we complain about repetition or enjoy the game.

Fist4achin335d ago

They are that and oversaturated.

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