Rank Up - Animal Crossing (Ranking the Series' Entries)

Phil writes, "Yesterday was the 15th anniversary of when Animal Crossing debuted on the Nintendo GameCube in North America. Commemorating the occasion is this all-new edition of Rank Up, where SuperPhillip Centrals ranks the Animal Crossing series' six games from worst to first.

The 2002 release was based off the Japan-only Nintendo 64 game, Animal Forest. That game would see a port to the GameCube in Japan, and this version would be the rest of the gaming world's first taste of the series. Believe you me that one taste was all most players needed to get seriously enraptured with the franchise."

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Alexious304d ago

Agreed on New Leaf, it's the best so far

Nodoze304d ago

I sincerely hope there is an announcement soon for AC for the Switch. I could care less about it on mobile. I want the full experience.