Why Final Fantasy VII Endures 20 Years After its Release

The role playing game upended the video game industry two decades ago, and still looms large on its 20th anniversary.

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masterfox220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

oh that's simple because, epic characters, epic music, epic story, epic gameplay, epic level design, oh and also released on a epic console Playstation!!. So much epicness :D

219d ago
MunchMiller00219d ago (Edited 219d ago )

Because it wasn't made in the 201x's, after SJW bulls**t ruined everything.

Also, was made well before DLC. MT, pre-order. and other nickel and diming garbage.

Lastly, Squaresoft, NOT Square Enix.

toddybad219d ago

I can't see ff7 remake not having mivrotransactions in the gold saucer...

alstruck219d ago

Square made the original classic.. but SE are the ones who milked it

219d ago