Tekken Still Trying to “Overcome the Shadow of Street Fighter” Despite Topping the Fighting Genre

In a new interview, producer Katsuhiro Harada talks about Tekken series beginnings, the fighting game boom of the 90s, competition from rivals, and more.

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SarcasticDuck248d ago

Tekken is (arguably) the best fighting game franchise but nostalgia's a b*tch and Street Fighter is a cult classic which means it will NEVER leave the discussion table when the topic is fighting games!

oasdada248d ago

To me All of u sound like kids who have no idea about the fighting games genre and are arguing for the sake of arguing.. the 3 major fighting games Sf, tekken, MK are uncomparable to each other. Its like comparing baseball football and basketball

BQ32248d ago

Actually Virtua Fighter is the best fighting series of all time and directly comparable tekken. Though that game lost popularity and has remained dormant the series at one time dominated arcades and has still never been matched in terms of balance and technical mastery.

oasdada247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

I said major fighting games. Then there are sub categories in these genres. Kof, gulity gear, mvc, dragon ball fighterz fall into the SF category; virtua fighter, soul calibur etc fall into the tekken category; and injustice, mk vs dc falls into the mk category.

PurpHerbison248d ago

Sad to think how far Street Fighter has fallen. SFV being as bad as it is does have some positives though. Never thought I would ever play 3d fighters but here I am playing Tekken every other night and enjoying the grind. Helped me branch out to fighters I would have otherwise never given the time of day.

PhoenixUp248d ago

Something as successful as Street Fighter can't be called a cult classic

SarcasticDuck247d ago

do you even know what a cult classic is?

PhoenixUp246d ago

Do you? Cuz Street Fighter definitely is not one

DedicatedDark248d ago

Because street fighter is still the better actual fighting game.

Darkwatchman248d ago

Uuuh compare Street Fighter 5 to Tekken 7 and Tekken is in a whole other league in terms of depth. No competition.

forevercloud3000248d ago

Street Fighter constantly cuts previously done characters out from main entry to main entry so they can create subtle add ins for later installments. They seemingly take a decade to perfect their balancing as if each game was their first fighter ever. 15 Characters in a long standing fighting series is absolutely pathetic. Not to mention they have one of the most basic fighting game formulas. Street Fighter IV had like 5 editions which is ridiculous.

Each Tekken has a huge roster of varied characters. They offer so much more combat variety. They don't charge for pallette swaps.... They get their balancing out in the Arcade for a year or two and then bring it to console. With a fully realized Ghost data roster they can have a good arcade mode. Tekken also is the only Fighting game series with a story worth keeping up with. Tekken 7 is such a far superior product than Street Fighter V its not even funny.

PurpHerbison248d ago

I mean, don't get me wrong. I totally dislike SFV, but SF4 was godlike. Good argument from a casual standpoint but if we are going to compare fighting games we need to get into the gameplay and mechanics as they are the most important. Nothing that you had mentioned has to do with why Street Fighter is bad these days. No mention of the simple combo system, removal of close normals, almost every character having the same exact gameplan, etc etc etc. And SFV doesn't even use the same "formula" anymore. Makes me wonder if you even played it.

PurpHerbison248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

Have you actually played SFV...?

BlaqMagiq1248d ago

I'm a Street Fighter fan first, Tekken an second. You would have to be high to think SFV is better than Tekken 7 because it is nowhere near T7's level.

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Father Murder X248d ago

where the hell is Tekken X Streefighter? its been what 5 years since the game was announced?

ironcrow2386248d ago

street fighter hasnt been great since the early 90s; tbh it should accept the likes of tekken is so much better, not to mention the fact that the mighty mortal kombat stole the crown years ago :)

Paytaa248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

Been an MK fanboy since the 90s. MK9 and MKX were the first to dethrone the mighty UMK3 and no other fighting game has ever come close for me. Still gotta respect SF and Tekken tho

gangsta_red248d ago

Tekken is not as easy to pick up and master.

Their combos are somewhat ridiculous and the insane juggles and damage they do might throw some people off.

But the character designs, look and everything else has always been a step above the Street Fighter series.

SF is just so iconic that it's there on top for pure nostalgic and timing reasons.

Movefasta1993248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

I know you didn't just it's harder to pull off combos in tekken...I suck at sf combos but juggling combos,and the bound system+wall combos in tekken are far easier to pull off.Timing combo links and cancels in battle is way harder in sf

gangsta_red248d ago

Doing combos and mashing buttons are two different things entirely.

Tekken has a lot of target like combos that require certain diagonal stick directions, timing and even incorporates neutral stick placements in the middle of a combo. Not to mention maximising the fullest damage when you do get an air juggle or wall damage.

Links and combos are no where near as hard to pull of in SF, especially SFV.

But hey, different strokes for different folks it would seem.

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