Guillemot on Ubisoft Open World Mechanics: Zelda and Horizon: Zero Dawn Borrowed from Us

Mechanics from Ubisoft open world games can be found in highly acclaimed titles like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn, said Yves Guillemot.

He also explained Ubisoft's recent focus on multiplayer games as a response to what customers want nowadays.

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Aurenar158d ago

I do agree that Ubisoft tends to get too much flack for this, but then again their games are usually still rough when they ship. We'll see what happens with Origins.

princejb134158d ago

To bad Ubisoft open world games are repetitive af. They start out good than 3 hours in I'm like " didn't I play a mission just like this one not to long ago"

Eonjay158d ago

Agreed. If they feel so strongly about what was borrowed from them, they should borrow back the things that made Sony and Nintendo games better.

InMyOpinion158d ago

Watch dogs 2 is their crown jewel though. It has an amazing open world with tons of secrets and diverse activities.

zerocarnage158d ago

Yet in every game some where along the line there's repeating if some kind, but what the hell let's all just focus in Ubisoft for it lol.

inveni0158d ago

If Ubisoft open world games were half as good as Zelda and Zero Dawn, I'd buy more Ubisoft games.

Seraphim158d ago

that's exactly it. They do a great job for the most part but when it comes to filler it's repetition is killer. They really need to create a larger variety of objectives and missions instead of having us doing the same stuff over and over again.

NewMonday157d ago

because the rest of the game is the exact same as those 3 hours, over and over and over.. didn't play a Ubisoft game since FC3 because of this $#!t

Sono421157d ago

hmm... I don't remember my guns breaking after killing 3 enemies? What are they talking about?

shloobmm3157d ago

HZD is very repetitive also. It is very similar to most Ubisoft games.

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naruga158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

what a liar ... lame Ubisoft stole everyone else in order to make made AC origins and its previous games ....completely copy pasted MGSV and made Ghost recon, and AC origins , Bloodborne -Zelda combat was ripped off for AC origins, AC copied all its good elements from any MMORPG out there ..Watch Dogs1,2 were just a expensive well budged GTA clones

Pandamobile158d ago

Every game that is made is an evolution of games that came before it. Calling them copy pasted from MGS5, GTA, etc is a bit disingenuous. Splinter Cell defined the stealth genre as much as early MGS games did, and Watch Dogs is a spin off of the Driver series which was GTA before GTA.

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DarXyde158d ago

I would argue both took more inspiration from The Witcher than anything Ubisoft made.

cabbitwithscissors157d ago

What's horrible is that EA gimps their games in content and basically nickle and dime gamers, but Ubisoft gimps their games' gameplay and content and game mechanics...which is worse, I'm guessing both are and both deserve to be castigated for it.

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ccgr158d ago

Games borrow from each other all of the time. Imitation is a form of flattery.

Deep-throat158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

He's right. But Zelda did it better... Horizon Zero Dawn copied almost everything from Ubisoft games and the new Tomb Raider...

Horizon ZD = Ubisoft games simulator

UCForce158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Yup, you completely hate Sony in every turns. Horizon Zero Dawn do borrow some Ubisoft games but HZD have Witcher 3 inspiration especially the quest design. I don't care what you said because I'm not convinced by your predictable and evasive attitude. The gameplay in HZD is great. Sure, Human AI isn't that smart, but the AI machine is the main spotlight.

Edit : Sure, you can try to convinced and respond. Sometimes you are right, but most of time you are miscalculated.

Deep-throat158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

I don't hate Sony bro. I know you're loyal to Sony (which is ridiculous btw) but come on guys, you are so overly sensitive here. I rarely post comments in Sony related news...

As for HZD, I've been saying the very same thing when the game came out, but some of you here mocked me and accused me of trolling. And no, the AI machine wasn't even decent.

JackBNimble158d ago

Lol at Deep-throat calling anyone a loyalist ... smh

bluefox755157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

@Deep I'm inclined to agree with Jack, you pretending like you're not an extreme loyalist is laughable, everyone here knows differently.

Relientk77158d ago

Deep-Trolling can you give it a rest, geez

We know you're anti-Sony

thorstein158d ago

This is why I miss bubbles!

Liqu1d158d ago

An ignore user feature would fix a lot of problems with this site.

wonderfulmonkeyman158d ago

That is something that even Facebook and Twitter have; it should be so simple to have an option to mute individual posts from specific users.
It hurts no one and solves a lot of needless quarrels and bickering on this site.
Oh, wait... N4G doesn't care how it gets its clicks so long as it gets them.
Should have remembered that from the off...

bluefox755157d ago

@Liqu1d Right? They can change the bubble system, it seems like implementing an ignore feature would be way easier. Could ignore all of the "loyalists" that have zero self awareness to the point that they shamelessly call others the same. I mean, do these guys think we don't know? We see them post everyday, lol.

cabbitwithscissors157d ago

A flag system would be better in my opinion. The worse the trolling the redder it becomes, and the opposite would be on the other end of the spectrum, but knowing N4g-gers all of us would be red branded. :)

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Clown_Syndr0me158d ago

Now you mention it I see the similarities but Horizon Zero Dawn was much better.

You may not be a PS Fan but guess what neither am I, I primarily play Xbox and rarely touch my PS but Horizon is still one of if not the best single player title I've played this year.

Alexious158d ago

I don't know about that. Horizon is a great game, it doesn't have huge innovations but it is better than the usual "Ubisoft open world game". Though I'm hyped for the new Assassin's Creed!

158d ago
rainslacker158d ago

I don't believe that every game has to innovate something in some way....although I'd argue that the enemy AI in the game is quite robust in many aspects.

What's important is how well it's all put together, and I think that's where Horizon shines. There are aspects of the dialogue system, and IMO sometimes some of the ancillary story is delivered in a dry way, but beyond that, the game is exceptionally well crafted. It has a nice lore, interesting looks at tribalism, great metaphors about hatred, mystery, action, and the main story along with many of the side stories are quite compelling. More importantly, outside the fetch type quests, most of the quests actually have some relevance to the sub-story arcs that exist in the game.

UCForce158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

AI Machines are challenging. It's just that you don't see full potential on them. About you post comment on Sony rarely, I don't think so because you often post comments on Sony. And you still have that low reputation, so yes you deserve to get disagree for good reason. About me being PlayStation Loyalist, PlayStation changed my life ever since the first PS, so yeah I stay with them, but I'm not cocky and hypothetical and crazy like other. GG took a risk to leave comfort zone and tried something new for once and they did it. You just want GG to crawl back to do same thing over again. Don't get me wrong, I love Killzone series, but I prefer people to take risk by leaving comfort zone. And please, don't lie to me, you very hate Sony.

TheColbertinator158d ago

Excellent work,Deepthroat.

The truth shall set them free

UCForce158d ago

Nope. Poorly executed from @DeepThoart. Just like you.
You know It's funny that both of you want Sony gone which is low.

guyman158d ago

Nothing but pure bullshit

rainslacker158d ago

I suppose it would.

Now he just has to present some actual truth.

DVAcme158d ago

Show me an open-world UbiSoft game with combat anywhere near as polished and intense as HZD's and we'll talk.

uptownsoul158d ago

I love how Guerrilla did better in their 1st try than Ubisoft has done in almost the past decade

rainslacker158d ago

You find a lot of joy when someone gives you a new console war argument to make aren't you?

Ever able to come up with something on your own without someone else planting the seed in your head?

InTheLab158d ago

How did Zelda make tower scaling Better?

RedDevils158d ago

Deep-throat should swallow a big shit through his throat.

Dark_Knightmare2158d ago

Dude people look at your name and just move on. You're the biggest troll and fanboy on here beside moldybread and your opinion is worth crap

Dark_Knightmare2158d ago

Hold up lol you just said down below you rarely post in Sony articles you can't be serious bro. You're delusional saying that you might need some professional help because you come off as living in some fantasy world where you don't troll Sony at every opportunity and people don't call you out. Get help bro seriously and quit defending pieces of plastic

frostypants158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Well that was a stupid comment...

Yeah, Horizon is just like Tomb Raider, They play nothing alike. You are delusional.

Davidgr2157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

It goes to show that you have never played Horizon Zero Dawn. Just 'cause both are female and use a bow doesn't make it the same. Ubisoft open world games are good, but they are very repetitive.

trooper_157d ago

Anything to attack Sony, huh?

DarXyde157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Don't you ever get tired of trolling? Serious question. You consistently troll, writing anti-Sony nonsense that has no basis in reality. Explain yourself: how exactly does Horizon Zero Dawn copy "almost everything from UbiSoft games"? C'mon, get specific. Draw the parallels. Don't be shy. Tell us what's copied. You say it copied "almost everything". Surely, you can come up with a comprehensive list.

Now what exactly is copied from Tomb Raider? The bow? The crafting system? Because crafting has never in its long history been done before Tomb Raider? You might have a point...

That is, if you conveniently ignore any of The Witcher games (Gwent withstanding), Runescape, The Last of Us (released 2 months later, so no, they didn't do any last minute additions to the game), Resident Evil Outbreak of all things, Kingdom Hearts, Fallout 3, Dead Space, BioShock, etc., and so on, ad nauseum. I've been using bows as a main weapon since Turok Evolution, and that's just what I recall immediately.

...but no, you're right. Horizon totally ripped off UbiSoft games and Tomb Raider.

Horizon is most like The Witcher--it does, after all, have people who worked on The Witcher. So we're not going to say The Witcher copied UbiSoft games? I wonder why....

Put a little more soul into it. I'd say you can do better, but you've yet to show anything creative or even based in reality. This site sure does attract some interesting people, for lack of a better word anyway.

TheKingKratos157d ago

You have Microsoft Deep in your Throat.

DarXyde157d ago

I don't know about that.

Microsoft fanboy? Hard to say.

Anti- Sony? Definitely.

That, or they just do it for the reactions. If so, that's even worse and I almost feel sorry for them.


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Big_Game_Hunters158d ago

True, its the way it is.You can tell Some of BOTW is prevalent in the new AC as well.

wonderfulmonkeyman158d ago

Ironically, BotW did things so well that the director behind FF15 wants to take notes to make the next big FF more like BotW, which is cool in my book so long as the story is great too. [BotW had a good story, but there just wasn't enough of it compared to the usual Zelda game, so I hope the next FF doesn't do that and adds plenty of story to the mix too.]

mafiahajeri158d ago

Borrowed and made funner games.