Super Mario Odyssey file size

Nintendo tends to keep its games relatively small. With Super Mario Odyssey, the trend continues.

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lptmg160d ago

what kinda sorcery is that

Sgt_Slaughter160d ago

Nintendo is pretty much the master of compression without hurting the game in any way.

naruga160d ago

master of compression or master of cheapness..? ...5.7 gb? what can it fit there ? the intro only

yomfweeee160d ago

Master of cartoon graphics that require no disk space.

Vegamyster160d ago


That's not how file size works.

To give an example the Xbox version of Titanfall was 20gb while the PC version was around 50gb and it was due to the devs not compressing the audio, there was essentially 35 gb's of uncompressed audio on the PC.

Odyssey isn't technical show case but it would have been much larger if Nintendo didn't compress it, which they are good at doing.

Kun_ADR160d ago


So why does Knack 2 take 30+ gb on the PS4?

CyberSentinel160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Q: "So why does Knack 2 take 30+ gb on the PS4?

A: because Sony will use quality CGI graphics with full voice dialogue during cutscenes, while Nintendo will just use in game engine models and text.

Kun_ADR160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Ohh so that is why games like Fallout 4 has 24gb file size, while games like Persona 5 has 22gb file size, because they don't have "quality CGI graphics with full voice dialogue during cutscenes".

SuperSonic91160d ago

This game looks like an Xbox 360 game that can fit in a DVD. So no wonder.

Ra3v3r160d ago

With the reduced amount of voice acting in most Nintendo titles, I'm not surprised they can keep the file sizes so small. By not needing to include multiple languages (except for text) they can keep them trim.

Glad I saw this cos I was actually wondering how much space it would fill. Definitely going digital with Mario Odyssey.

yomfweeee159d ago

Bullcrap don't tell me the graphics don't affect file sizes. I didn't say that was the whole story, but it is a big part.

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Xx_Pistol_xX160d ago

Nintendo games aren't intensive.

Concertoine160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

They arent intensive? They certainly push their own hardware harder than any other developer. The only other cartoony open world game off the top of my head is Lego City Undercover which takes up 17.1 GBs.

Idk where people get this idea that less realistic graphics necessarily take less effort. It's clear that a lot of effort goes into making Nintendo quality games in any art style.

It took Retro just as long to make Metroid Prime 3 as it took them to make Donkey Kong, and theres a quote that a level of DKCR took 3 times the texture work and thought process as a single room in Prime 3.

CyberSentinel160d ago


There are many factors why games are larger then others. Compression is one factor, another is higher resolutions require more detailed texture mapping, more polygons, etc. Since Nintendos games don't do anything above 720p natively, (as far as I'm aware of) their games will tend to be smaller then Xbox or PS4 and certainly PC games.

Segata160d ago

3D world and Splatoon was 1.8GB. Zelda LTTP could fit on an NES cart. Nintendo is maybe the best there is at compression.

oasdada159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Borderlands 2 was also below 5 gb.. file size depends on the assets and textures of the game.. looking at it u can clearly see its not a graphical master piece so not surprised.

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franwex160d ago

Thank you!
Also, holy cow, this thing could fit in a DVD!!!

nitus10160d ago

A double density DVD (9.4GB) yes but not a single density DVD.

Rather a pointless comparison since the Switch only has 32GB internal storage (26GB usable) and can take only MicroSD cards. Yes DVD's are cheaper than MicroSD cards but are limited to 9.4GB while MicroSD cards can currently store up to 400GB although these are expensive. A major advantage of MicroSD cards is the fact that they are smaller than DVD's and much more robust.

Big_Game_Hunters160d ago

Not having 5.1 Audio is definitely a factor, but regardless extremely impressive.

MrFisher21160d ago

An open world game without 5.1? Smh

NiteX160d ago

What source says the game doesn't support 5.1?

Big_Game_Hunters160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Mmm i thought the swith didn't support 5.1 or was it 7.1?

Gemmol160d ago

It don't support 7.1 but it do support 5.1

SR388160d ago

This is huge, and visually stunning... And it fits into nearly 6gb, so why do other games and consoles have like 50-100gb+? Lol

MrFisher21160d ago

Really? I mean look at this game. No dialogues also helps. You can seriously look at this game then BF1 and ask that question with a straight face? The game looks fun. But c'mon now.

GameBoyColor160d ago

it's still compression. They choose not to on the other consoles and it eats up a ton of space.

Concertoine160d ago

Lego city Undercover is 17.1 GB on Wii U.

They compress their games well, end of story.

Segata160d ago

Devs don't compress or optimize much anymore.

InTheZoneAC159d ago

that is such a lie. Maybe on pc, but on consoles games are compressed A LOT, especially on ps4.

Kun_ADR159d ago (Edited 159d ago )


So THAT explains why Knack 2 is 32 GB, or why Uncharted 4 is 48 GB. Those games must be at least 100 GB for the compression to be that super duper tiny.

Miss_Weeboo160d ago

AND An unmeasurable amount of awesomenimity 5.7 GB can produce

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