Six most awkward Final Fantasy VII scenes the remake might struggle with

TB writes: "I’ve been playing Final Fantasy VII a lot recently, and aside from having a great time, I’m also coming to realize how incredibly awkward this game is. I mean, Cloud’s adventure sinks pretty low with dark science fiction themes like cloning, extinction, human experimentation, and global domination by electrical corporations.

However, tucked in between these important story points… this game is just weird. Final Fantasy VII is a tonal mess with dramatic scenes unraveled by its awkward polygon people, and it’s loaded with jokes that wouldn’t really fly in 2017, characterizations that would make modern day gamers squirm, and just some out of place moments that are more “goofy” than anything else."

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FallenAngel1984301d ago

I must see all these scenes in HD

Anthotis301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

The scene in the screenshot was quite amusing, but will no doubt have to be altered or censored thanks to the usual suspects.

Derceto301d ago

Rest assured, there will be no struggle. SE will simply "sanitize" it and release FF VII: Politically Correct SJW Up The A$$ Edition

DivineAssault 301d ago

I know youre right but i hope youre not

Becuzisaid301d ago

Always felt bad for Shera.

Cyro301d ago

Yep and I can't wait to see them lol

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