The Nintendo Switch is Competing with Growing Third Party Support

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "The Nintendo Switch is selling very well in what's actually been a stellar year for the Nintendo, but now with a steady growth in third party support it seems like they're here to truly compete."

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FallenAngel1984158d ago

Its third party support is indeed growing, but it's still severely lacking in various ways

Erik7357158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

It's a portable device that is getting some current gen only multi plats. Very impressive .

If this is severely lacking I would like to know how bad the ps vita was for you..

FallenAngel1984158d ago

We've seen contemporary current gen multiplats between consoles and handhelds since PSP. It doesn't become instantly special when Nintendo does it.

Vita still receives games though. If you want to talk about lacking, just look at Wii U and how virtually nobody supports it

C_Ali88157d ago

Also in its 6th month, it literally took Ps4 and Xbone YEARS to not be severely lacking in certain genres. Like i've always maintained I didnt get my Ps4 until Bloodborne!

C_Ali88157d ago

You know whats going to be insanely special though? This holiday season!!!!

Sirk7x157d ago

Even though I loved some of the games on the Wii U, it was undoubtedly a failure. The Switch is geared to outsell it within its first fiscal year most likely.

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wonderfulmonkeyman157d ago

"It doesn't become instantly special when Nintendo does it."

I would agree with you, if it weren't for the fact that Nintendo is, and has been for the past few gens, more ignored by third parties than even the PSVita seemed to be, especially in regards to JRPG's.

Vita is riding off of Sony's success with the PS4, and is basically the only portable option that the most popular company of the moment in gaming has for game makers to release their mobile titles on, which is why that's still seeing support.

The Wii U, however, was poorly supported in both effort and advertisement from the second year on, by all parties involved including Nintendo, and it being discontinued makes it obvious that it wouldn't be seeing a lot of support.

The Switch is in a different position from all of the above, however.
It's better advertised than all of the above, and is slowly seeing support from third parties that formerly completely ignored Nintendo after MAYBE one lazy job, no matter how popular or unpopular they were at the time.
It's not the amount that people in the know are pointing out; it's the people doing the games that matters, and that some of them are current gen, plus the fact that it's only 7 months into the system's life that these influential third parties have hopped on board by announcing multiple big-name titles.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory157d ago

Vita still receive games but 90% of it nobody wants.
And sales of the Vita prove it.

FallenAngel1984157d ago

@ C

And what certain genres are you talking about?

Let's not forget that Switch is still lacking in various genres and will continue to do so for quite some time.

I didn't get my PS4 until this year because PS3 satiated my for a long time.

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King_Lothric157d ago

Its third party support is mostly composed of old games. I think Nintendo is doing good compared to themselves and their previous efforts but not compared to the competition.

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