Gamer Ink: Top 7 Best Gaming Tattoos Ever

What better way to show your allegiance to a game series than by getting a tattoo, which is VERY permanent. There are some amazing ink jobs out there, all inspired by a love of gaming. Here are seven of the absolute best, which might even prompt you to run out and get one!

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TheSinsibleOne250d ago

Funny timing with this article. Want to get my first tatto but Iv no idea what I want. Would love a Metal Gear Solid tattoo, but none have grabbed my attention.

Injusticewarrior250d ago

It's with you for life, unless you lazer it off.
Besides, with most of the youth tattooed it's not that cool or unique more.

TheSinsibleOne249d ago

I know. That's why I'm being careful. I'm picking something that has a meaning for me. Don't want some dumbass tribal tattoos unless I'm Samoan (obviously I'm not)

Injusticewarrior249d ago

Fox logo is pretty cool though.

TheSinsibleOne249d ago

It is. I'm looking for something that shows Solid Snake. But so far there's not much to go on.

Fullmetalevolust250d ago

I liked the 8 bit Ash and Pikachu, the portal one was cute for a couple but man that requires a real commitment lol and the multi game sleeve was pretty awesome.

AnubisG250d ago

Ahh tattoos..... think about them really hard because they stay with you for the rest of your life. I would not even allow anyone under the age of 24 to get one. But it's up to everyone how they want to ruin their body.